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Jio 4K Set Top box: In-Depth Review

In this era of digital streaming, the Jio 4k set top box has gained popularity as a streaming device that provides support for numerous OTT apps and live TV channels. Before making the switch to this streaming box, it is essential to understand the conditions and details of Jio’s plans. As someone who has been using this box for watching movies and TV shows, let’s delve into the details and explore its features.

Jio’s New Plans and OTT App Subscriptions:

Jio recently introduced new plans, offering an enticing deal for subscribers. By opting for a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month postpaid plan, users can get the set-top box for free, eliminating the need to spend an additional ₹1000. Moreover, subscribing to a minimum of ₹999 is no longer necessary to access OTT apps.

Jio’s economical plans allow users to avail subscriptions to 6 OTT apps by spending an extra ₹100 and 14+ OTT apps by spending an additional ₹200. While the ₹100 package provides access to popular apps, the ₹200 package unlocks subscriptions to almost all major OTT platforms.

Jio 4K Set Top box Mobile supported apps

However, it is important to note that the first-time activation of these OTT apps requires the Jio Fiber set top box. Even if you have an Android TV, smart TV, or other streaming devices, you still need the Jio setup box to activate these apps.

OTT App Restrictions and Navigation:

While the Jio 4k TV set top box offers support for multiple apps, some apps like SonyLIV, Hotstar, and ZEE5 can also be used on smartphones. However, access to other apps is restricted to the Jio TV+ app on the set-top box. To access content from these apps, users need to navigate through the Jio TV+ app, which can be less convenient compared to having separate apps for each OTT platform.

Jio 4K Set Top box Compatibility

One notable advantage is that Jio TV set-top box allows users to access free content even without a subscription. Additionally, if you already have a subscription for any app, you can log in and use it on the set-top box as well.

Live TV Channels and App Collection:

Jio TV offers a wide range of live TV channels, including Sony, SetMax, and &TV. However, these channels are typically linked to apps like Hotstar and SonyLIV, so there may be a slight delay when switching channels. It is essential to note that the collection of live TV channels may not include popular channels like Discovery, National Geographic, and Cartoon Network. Before switching to the set-top box, it is advisable to check the channel list to ensure your preferred channels are available.

Jio 4K Set Top box OTT Apps

Regarding app collection, Jio 4k TV set-top box provides access to popular apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, the app collection is limited compared to other streaming devices. Despite being an Android-based set-top box, Jio has imposed several restrictions, preventing users from installing apps from sources other than the Jio Store. Google Play Store support would have made it more versatile. On a positive note, the set-top box includes a Jio Page web browser, which is optimized for the device, allowing easy navigation on various OTT app websites.

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User Experience and Additional Features:

One minor inconvenience of the set-top box is that users need to press a button on the remote every 30 minutes to prevent it from pausing. This could be addressed through a software update to extend the duration before pausing. Additionally, the set-top box supports a universal remote setup, enabling users to control both the TV and the set-top box with a single remote.

The Bluetooth 5.0 feature allows users to connect Bluetooth speakers, headphones, or other audio devices to enjoy TV shows and movies wirelessly. The set-top box also offers a voice assistant feature, supporting multiple languages and making it convenient to play TV shows and movies on apps like SonyLIV, Hotstar, and ZEE5 by simply pressing the mic button on the remote.

Jio 4K Set Top box Bluetooth

Moreover, users can connect their webcams to the set-top box and make video calls using the Jio Join app. The Jio Home app allows smartphones to function as TV remotes and gamepads, offering convenient control options. Screen casting and media transfer from a smartphone to the set-top box are also possible using the Jio Home app.

Jio 4K Set Top box: In-Depth Review

Customization options for the set-top box are limited, but users can switch between dark mode and light mode, as well as customize the lock screen wallpaper using apps like Google Photos or Lockscreen Wallpapers.

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In conclusion, the Jio 4k TV set top box offers essential features and a smooth user experience for streaming apps. It impressed me with its ability to handle multiple app switches without noticeable lag or hanging issues. It is a worthwhile choice for users who subscribe to multiple streaming apps on a monthly basis. However, for better app support and longer-term updates, alternatives such as the Mi Stick or Firestick may be more suitable.

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