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Best Android TV Games Without Gamepad In 2024

In the last couple of years, Android TV has shown major upgrades, now it’s optimized for better performance. Many new apps and games are introduced on Android TV, we will check out freshly added games on Android TV.

What makes them special is you can play these games on any Android TV, it doesn’t matter whether your Android TV is working on high-end specs or low specifications. To enjoy these games you don’t even need a gamepad, using your TV remote you can play games on your Android TV. These Android TV games are free to download from the Google Play Store on Android TV.

Android TV Games without Gamepad

Hovercraft Getaway

In this cop chase game, police cars and helicopters will chase us. We have to evade, attack and destroy cars to survive a longer battle arena. The more time you spend in the battle arena higher your score will be. To make this game enjoyable, we get options to customize our hovercraft by using different weapons like guns, lasers mines and a lot more items. We can unlock new weapons and hovercraft which can help us to survive in-game for a longer duration. The more you stay in the battle arena higher score your score will be.

best action game for android tv

Jump Drive

In this game, we have to avoid laser beams, gates and different types of obstacles to collect diamonds using the spacecraft. To survive for a longer duration, we can use different types of power and spacecraft to increase our score in-game. What I like is, that this game comes with minimalistic graphics which support 4k Ultra HD resolution, so you can enjoy playing this game on 4k Android TV.

android tv games without gamepad

Cosmo Run

If you like arcade-style games then you will love cosmo run games. In this survival-based game, we have to instantly decide to survive a longer duration in-game. We have to balance the ball on tiles so that it won’t fall out, the pattern of tiles is complex which makes this game interesting. Controls of this game are really simple by pressing the D-pad ok button on the TV remote we have to control the ball. This game is available in multiplayer mode using a gamepad, so you can enjoy the game with friends and family.

offline games for andorid tv


Badland is one of the most popular action-adventure games on Android TV, where we have to survive in the forest by avoiding different types of obstacles. What I like is this game’s audio track and graphics are so good that it makes this game stand out from the other Android TV games. We get more than 100+ levels to explore where we can play in single-player, multiplayer and in co-op modes with friends and family.

android tv games without gamepad

Cross The Building

In this decision-based game, we have to decide on the right time to jump onto the next building. Quickly you jump on different buildings, the better your score will be. To improve your score you can buy different pogo sticks and new characters by collecting coins from the buildings. Unlocking new characters can help to improve your score.

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Magic Bloxorz

Guys if you like puzzle-based games then you will like this game. In this puzzle-based game, we have to roll the box to fit on the red tile. It sounds very simple but when we reach a higher level, we do get different types of traps and blockers which make our game more challenging. Each level of the game requires new logic and brain challenges. This game has more than 200 levels so you can easily enjoy this game for a long time.

puzzel game for android tv

PBA Bowling Challenge

In this game, we have to set power and ball direction by launching the ball to hit the target. If you are familiar with the bowling game then you will easily get used to it. We can also enjoy this game in multiplayer mode with friends and family. In local player career mode, we do get a lot of options to explore by choosing a wide variety of opponents and locations.

Best Android TV Games Without Gamepad In 2024


If you like Mario-style games then you will like it, in the red-ball game, we get more than 60 levels where we need to jump and roll the ball to clear the level. On the initial level game sounds simple but on the higher level it becomes really interesting, we need to make our way through tricky traps and fight epic Boss Battles with different monsters.

best offline Android TV Games

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Worms Zone .io – Hungry Snake

If you have enjoyed playing the 90’s snake game, then you will like this game. Worms Zone is a Player vs. player action game. In this game, we need to avoid bumping other players. We need to collect food items to increase the length of the snake. You can play this game in multiplayer mode and compete with a different player to improve your ranking. To get a higher ranking we need to cross the path of other players’ snakes the more paths you cross with other snakes better your ranking will be. What I like is this free to play on all platforms, you can play it on a PC, Web browser and even on an Android smartphone choose a skin from the wardrobe, or create your unique style. The further you go, the more skins you unlock.

Best Android TV Games Without Gamepad In 2024

Drift Mania 2

In this car racing game, we can race over 12+ race tracks to test our driving skills. We need to make drifts to win the race in this game, we get the option of a tournament where we can compete with cars on different race tracks. Start a drift tournament, and compete against an opponent while making your way to the finals. Winning in tournaments awards with cash which can be used to unlock and upgrade cars for better performance. We can adjust different performance aspects of your car from the suspension, steering sensitivity, gear ratio and weight distribution to make the best out of any car. You can also play this game in online multiplayer with your friends.

best car racing game for android tv

Enjoy The Best Android TV Games

Guys, there are many more Android TV games you can play without a gamepad. If you want to check out more games from different genres like action, puzzle, and racing then you should check out this article Top 20 Android TV Games. We would love to know after reading this article which game you are planning to play on your Android TV.

Top 10 Games You Must Try On Android TV

Can I play games on Android TV without a gamepad?

Yes, you can play many Android TV games without using a gamepad.

How do I control games on my Android TV?

With the help of an Android TV remote, you can control games on Android TV.

Can we use the keyboard as a gamepad for Android TV?

Yes, you can indeed use a keyboard to play games on an Android TV. While it’s important to note that not all games are compatible with a keyboard and mouse on Android TV, certain Android TV games do support the use of a keyboard as a gamepad.

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