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7 Best Android TV Launcher In 2024

Android TV’s default launcher is fast and responsive, but it offers limited customization.
We can only change the position of the apps and remove apps from the home screen.
In a recent Android TV update, the home screen also started showing ads for apps and movie recommendations.
To get a better experience on Android TV, you can try out 3rd party launcher which offers an ad-free experience with a lot of customization. These launchers give you absolute control to customize the Android TV home screen from scratch. So, let’s check out some of the best Android TV launchers you can use on any Android TV.


This launcher offers customization to set the background wallpaper and adjust the app’s position. Flauncher also offers an endless library of wallpapers from categories, we can also set any custom image as background. For easy access, we can also categorize apps, increase the app tiles size and change the view from grid to row. We can also hide or uninstall apps directly from the launcher’s home screen. This launcher is free to install Android TV Play Store.

Best launcher for android tv

Download:- FLauncher For Android TV

ATV Launcher

This launcher offers tons of customization from adding widgets to homescreen and making app tiles completely customizable. We can also create folders, and sections and even arrange apps in a grid or row view.

download best android tv launcher

This launcher can also show the Android smartphone app directly on the home screen. Although the launcher is fairly easy to set up, the only thing is to add widgets we need to grant one-time access on Android TV. You can easily follow the below steps to grant one-time access, After that, you can add any widgets on the home screen from weather to the search bar you can add it all.

After granting access to widgets we can easily add widgets on the Android TV home screen, if you are unable to find widgets you can check out the app on Aptoid TV or the Google Play Store. I’m using Jio Page Web Browser and Weather app on the Home screen, which you can easily check out on the Google Play Store.

Download:- ATV Launcher For Android TV

PatchWall Launcher

This launcher made it easy to access content on Android TV, you can easily stream any movie or TV show directly from the home screen. On the homepage, we get the option to explore content from multiple streaming apps from zee5 to discover+ which has content from all the popular streaming services directly available on the homepage.

It makes it a lot easier to navigate to any content, as we don’t need to open any app to the streaming app. We also get the option to pick content from different languages as it supports regional languages which makes it much easier to find content from any app. The patchwall launcher is not directly available on the Android TV Play Store, but you can easily sideload it by downloading this app.

patchwall launcher best android tv launcher

Download:- PatchWall For Android TV

Sideload Launcher

If your Android TV performance is slow then you can try to sideload the launcher, this is one of the basic launchers which offers third-party app support. You can directly access sideloaded apps from the home screen, as it offers a simple design with fast accessibility of apps. If you use sideloaded apps rather than Android TV apps you can try out this sideloaded launcher.

Best android tv launcher

Emotn UI

This is one of the best minimalist launchers I have used on Android TV. What makes this launcher special is the rich online wallpapers collection, there is a wide variety of 4K wallpapers available to set up on the home screen and the lockscreen. You can also use any custom wallpaper of your own choice. There is also a unique feature where the Wallpaper will change according to time, you can feel the change in light and shadow.

This launcher also offers weather and a memory cleaner widget. You can also use this launcher on lower-end devices as it has low memory consumption.

Emoten Launcher for Android TV

Download Emotun Launcher For Google TV

Square Home Launcher

Square Home is a launcher app that offers a simple, easy-to-use interface for accessing and organizing apps. It is designed to be easy to use and customize, with a variety of options for organizing and displaying apps and other content. This launcher offers a customizable grid layout for organizing apps with a variety of themes and icon packs to choose from. I would recommend using a whicons pack installed along with this launcher. This app offers a variety of customization options, including the ability to change the wallpaper, the font size, and the layout of the home screen.

Best Launcher for android TV

Launchy Launcher

If you are tired of watching ads on the Android TV home screen this launcher can fix this issue. Launchy Launcher comes with a minimalistic design so you can easily access your favourite apps. This launcher also offers background customization options, we can pick free wallpapers from different genres. We can adjust the background wallpaper brightness and add apps in different categories.

Best free Launcher for Android TV

Sideload Launcher 3

If you love customizing launchers then sideload channel launcher 3 is the perfect option. This launcher offers a profile selection option so you can create multiple profiles for your family. I found this option quite useful for easy access to apps, as you can create profiles and password-protect apps on the home screen.

If you love using Reddit, then this launcher also offers the ability to check out Reddit videos, images and gifs directly from the home screen. We also get the option to select multiple background wallpapers which can fade in and out according to our preferred time. This launcher also allows us to tweak the system launcher so we can use this launcher as the default launcher by changing simple settings.

Best Android TV Launcher

Download:- Sideload Launcher

Projectivity Launcher

Projectivy Launcher is a custom Android TV launcher that enhances your TV experience, It removes all ads from the user interface, providing a smooth viewing experience. This app also offers convenient shortcuts for switching between multiple HDMI devices and apps. This app has built-in parental control features, which allow them to regulate TV usage during specific times.

Additionally, Projectivy Launcher elevates the aesthetics of your TV interface with dynamic colors, seamless animations, and ever-changing wallpapers. It is also highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the look and feel to your preferences by rearranging apps and selecting different wallpapers. Overall, Projectivy Launcher is a great way to improve your Android TV experience, making it more user-friendly, visually appealing, and functional.

Projectivy Launcher for android tv
Image Courtesy: Google Play Store

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Top 3 Launcher For Android TV

Frequently Asked Questions about Android TV Launcher

What is an Android TV Launcher?

An Android TV Launcher is a user interface (UI) that provides a home screen and app launcher for Android TV devices. It’s the primary way users interact with their Android TV, allowing them to access apps, settings, and content.

Can I change the default launcher on my Android TV device?

Yes, in most cases, you can change the default launcher on your Android TV device. However, the process may vary depending on the device’s manufacturer and its Android version. You can download and install an alternative launcher from the Google Play Store.

What are the benefits of using a third-party Android TV Launcher?

Third-party Android TV launchers often offer more customization options, unique themes, and improved performance over stock launchers. They may also provide additional features like better app organization, shortcuts, and widget support.

How do I switch to different launchers on my Android TV

To switch between different launchers on your Android TV, follow these steps:
Install the new launcher from the Google Play Store.
Go to Settings on your Android TV device.
Select Device Preferences.
Choose Home screen.
Under the Home app, select the launcher you want to use.
Press the Home button on your remote to switch to the new launcher.

Can I revert to the default launcher if I don’t like the new one?

Yes, you can revert to the default launcher on your Android TV.

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