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AULA F87 Pro Wireless Keyboard Worth It in 2024?

Hey guys, this is the wireless mechanical keyboard from Aula company that I’ve been using on a daily basis for office and personal work for the past two weeks. What I like about this keyboard is that it comes with many cool features that make it stand out from other keyboards in the market.

Firstly, let’s talk about the out-of-the-box content. We get the keyboard, Type-C cable, extra keycaps, keycap remover, and a user manual.

AULA F87 Pro Wireless Keyboard Worth It in 2024?

Looking at the build, this keyboard uses high-quality plastic material, giving it a smooth feel in hand.

This keyboard features PBT type keys, which are durable and resistant to oil. Due to the PBT type keys, even after long-term use, oil or greasy fingerprints are not visible on the keyboard.

AULA Wireless Mechanical Keyboard F87Pro

You might have noticed that budget keyboards tend to have faded or completely removed letters after prolonged use, but this keyboard’s keys have a dual coating, preventing them from fading or being removed over time.

AULA Wireless Mechanical Keyboard PBT Type Keys

What I like is that this keyboard weighs only 916 grams, making it easy to carry. If you want to carry this keyboard to the workplace, it’s really convenient.

AULA Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Weight

Talking about customization, this keyboard offers many options. I’m using the green trio version, but you can also choose from green, black, blue, orange, white, and purple colors. Not only that, the keyboard has RGB lights that can be completely customized.

AULA F87 Pro Wireless Keyboard Worth It in 2024?

You can switch these key lights between single or multi-color modes directly from the keyboard. Personally, I prefer the single LED color mode, but you can also use different color combinations if you want. Additionally, there are LED light strips on the top, left, and right sides of the keyboard that you can customize according to your preference.

AULA Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Color

Now, the most important aspect of any keyboard is the typing experience. I’ve been using this keyboard for coding and document editing on a daily basis, and what I’ve noticed is that the response time of the keyboard is excellent. I haven’t experienced any issues like key strokes or mistypes due to the curved keys, which reduce the chances of accidental side key presses.

AULA Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Keys Shape F87 Pro

The linear type key switches offer a great response time; the keys register with slight pressure, making it convenient for fast typing. If you like a soft, clicky sound, you’ll enjoy typing on this keyboard.

AULA Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Linear Type Switch

For comfortable typing experience, the keyboard offers height adjustment options so you can adjust it to your preference. I’ve used this keyboard for long typing sessions without feeling any pain or strain in my hands.

Now, looking at connectivity and compatibility, this keyboard is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. What I like is that it offers compatibility with different operating systems, and there’s also an OS mode option that allows you to switch between Windows, Android, and Mac/iOS modes, enabling you to use the function keys differently depending on the OS.

AULA F87 Pro Wireless Keyboard Worth It in 2024?

When you use the keyboard with an Android phone, you can control the phone’s brightness, media playback, and volume using the F1 and F2 keys. And with Windows, you can open apps like mails, file explorer, and desktop using the function keys.

AULA Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Android Compatible

In terms of connectivity, this keyboard supports multi-device connectivity, allowing you to use it with three devices in Bluetooth mode. It also supports 2.4 GHz dongle and USB wired connection, making it easy to connect with compatible devices.

AULA Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Connectivity

I’ve mainly used this keyboard in Bluetooth mode, and I like that it has low latency, resulting in excellent response time. I haven’t noticed any lag or slow response issues with this keyboard.

Talking about battery backup, it comes with a 4000mAh battery, providing up to 25 to 26 hours of usage without backlighting. With all lights on, you get around 20 to 21 hours of battery backup. It also has a power-saving mode, which automatically switches to sleep mode after some time of inactivity.

AULA Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Keystrokes

I like that the top LED strip can be used as a battery indicator; it blinks red when the battery is low and turns green when fully charged. Additionally, you can use the keyboard while charging it, thanks to its Type-C compatibility, making it easy to connect or charge in wired mode.

AULA Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Battery Life F87 Pro

Compared to other mechanical keyboards I’ve used, I really like the typing experience of this keyboard. The only downside is that while it has RGB lights, the keys themselves don’t have backlighting. It would have been more convenient to use in a dark room if the keys were lit up as well.

AULA F87 Pro Wireless Keyboard Worth It in 2024?

Anyway, the build quality, features, and battery backup of this keyboard are excellent, making it a great option under 6k. If you’re interested in purchasing this keyboard, you can check out this from offical website.

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