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Jio Cloud Gaming Platform: Jio Games

In India, there are limited cloud gaming platforms available. However, Jio has recently released its new cloud gaming service, Jio Games, which allows us to play high-end graphics games on any device. The best part is that this app is currently in the beta stage, which means we can experience these games completely free of cost, without the need for a subscription.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the concept of cloud gaming, it allows us to play PS5, Xbox, and other high-end graphic games without the need to install them on a PC, smartphone, or smart TV. While Microsoft Game Pass and Nvidia GeForce Now are popular cloud gaming platforms that offer a wide variety of game collections, they are unfortunately not available in the Indian region. In India, Jio Games is the perfect option to experience cloud gaming.

Jio Games App

I have installed the Jio Games app on my Jio Fiber set-top box, but you can also install the app on a smartphone or laptop. To play cloud games on a smartphone, simply download the Jio Games app from the Google Play Store. For PC, you can visit from any browser to experience these amazing games.

If you are using jio fibre set-top box you can install the Jio games app from the jio store. To set up the first time you need to enter your mobile number. The service provider doesn’t matter so you can use jio, airtel or any service provider to register on this app. To play these games on tv you need to connect a gamepad. I’m using the redgear gamepad, you can use any Bluetooth or dongle-supported gamepad.

If you don’t have a gamepad then you can use jio gamepad app on your smartphone, this app is free to download from the google play store.

Jio Gamepad App
Jio Gamepad App On Android Smartphone

The last option you can try is you can connect a USB keyboard and mouse. On jio set top box you can connect a USB mouse and keyboard to play these games. It’s good to see we get plenty of options to play these games on tv.

Game Titles

In-game libraries every genre has 5 to 6 games. From action, adventure, and racing almost every other genre has limited game options.

Jio Cloud Games Collection
Game Titles On Jio Cloud Gaming App

If you are experiencing cloud gaming for the first time then I would recommend you play grid games in the racing category. This game’s graphics and gameplay totally stand out from the other cloud games. I have also experienced red out a racing game and it worked really well.

Jio Games Cloud
Grid Game On Jio Cloud Gaming App

While playing games I haven’t experienced any low latency issues, I didn’t feel like these games are working in online mode. I have experienced these games on a 150 Mbps net connection and you can play them on 100 and 50 Mbps.

Play free cloud games using jio games app

When I was playing these games on jio fibre set-top box my experience was quite good but playing the same games on a smartphone then I didn’t have the same easygoing experience. It looks like the smartphone app is not well optimized, most of the games on the smartphone won’t work in full-screen mode. The onscreen controller covers most of the screen, so it becomes really difficult to play these games using on-screen controls.

To get the best experience I would recommend playing games on a PC or jio fibre set-top box. On the web version, we also get an option to adjust the game quality. If you face any lag issues you can tweak the setting to get smooth gameplay on lower-speed connections.

Jio Games App on windows pc

This app is in the beta stage so we don’t get huge game collections in every genre, we get 5 to 6 games but only 2-3 games are interesting to play. I’m hoping over a period of time we get a better game collection. One major issue I have noticed as this app is still in the beta stage, so many times when we play a game the app will get freeze or crash.

Jio Games App on android smartphone
Jio Cloud Gaming App On Android Smartphone

Issues In Jio Games App

If you face this issue I would recommend you clear the cache memory and try to reopen the game. After clearing the cached app worked fine for me. Jio is pushing its limit to make cloud gaming platforms popular in India as recently jio has tied up with Nvidia GeForce Now Gaming service. Some users got early beta access to the Nvidia games tab on the Jio games app.

Currently, only two games WatchDogs and Destiny are available to play using the GeForce service. I’m hoping soon we could see a more popular game title in this Jio games app. This app is in the free beta stage so I would highly recommend you check this out. Let me know in the comments how was your experience with Jio Cloud Games App.

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