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Install Android TV In Your Old PC In 2023

Android TV is a very popular operating system on media streaming devices. Devices like Mi Stick, Google TV, and Nvidia Shield offer an Android TV experience for nonsmart TV. Now you can build your own media streaming device using your old PC by installing Android TV. You can also dual boot your system by installing android tv on your pc. So, let’s check out the tutorial on how you can easily install android tv on any pc or laptop.

Minimum Configuration Required To Install Android TV On PC:-

1.2 GHz dual-core 64-bit Processor1 GB 10 GB

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Install Android TV on any PC

  1. Open Disk Management

    Right Click On Windows Start Menu and select Disk Management.

  2. Select Shrink Volume

    We will shrink the volume to create a new separate drive from the Windows partition. First, make sure the selected volume drive is empty. Now to separate it we will select the shrink volume option and remove 10000 MB from the selected partition. This will create a 10 GB partition space for android tv.Disk Management In Windows 10

  3. Format New Drive

    Right-click on Drive select Format Option. and Rename Drive as Android TV.

  4. Download Android TV ISO

    To install Android TV on pc, we need an android-x86 image to install it on the bootable drive. Here is a link to download the Android TV x86 PC version.

  5. Download Rufus Tool

    Rufus tool helps you to make a bootable USB drive. We will use this tool to make Android TV bootable. Here is a link to download Rufus Tool.

  6. Connect 8GB Pen Drive To System

    Now with help of the Rufus tool, we will make Pen drive bootable.

  7. Open Rufus Tool

    On the Device, section select your Pen drive, and then select Android TV ISO image.

  8. Select Start Button

    Make sure the connected Pen Drive is empty, for making it a bootable drive all data need to be removed from the pen drive.

  9. Restart Your System

    Once the bootable drive process is finished, restart your system.

  10. Open Boot Menu

    Now when your system is booting up press the F9 or F11 key to open the boot menu. This may vary from system to system, some popular boot menu keys are F8, F9, F11, and F12.

  11. Select Bootable Drive

    Once you are in the boot menu select your Bootable drive to boot Android TV on your pc.

  12. Select Installation Option

    On Android TV, the menu select the installation option to install android tv on pc.Install Android TV On PC

  13. Select Drive

    To install Android TV, select the Android TV drive which we created earlier in step 3.

  14. Format File System

    Now format the selected drive with the EXT4 file system.

  15. Confirm Format Partition

    Select Yes to confirm the format partition to be formatted, after confirming android tv installation will start.

  16. Install GRUB

    Now after installation select YES to install grub. Grub helps you to dual boot your system.

  17. Save Disk Image

    Select YES, to save the disk Image.

  18. Run Android TV

    Android TV is successfully installed on your system. Select Run Android TV for the first-time setup.

  19. Basic Setup

    Now for the first time select your region, and language and sign in to your Gmail account to access all features and apps on Android TV.

  20. Finally Done

    Now you can enjoy the Android TV experience on your system.

Use Smartphone as Android TV Remote

Now you have installed android tv on pc but controlling it from Mouse and keyboard isn’t a pleasant experience. So, here is a quick trick to use the smartphone as an android tv remote.

  1. First Download and Install Google Home App From Google Play Store.
  2. Now Open App, it will automatically start searching for nearby android tv devices.
  3. Tap on Android TV to pair it with your system.
  4. It’s done now you can use your smartphone as an android tv remote.

If your Android TV OS not pairing with a smartphone?

Make sure you are on the same Wi-Fi on your Smartphone and Android TV. If still now works try to pair Bluetooth on both devices.

You can also check out the alternative apps to use your phone as a mouse or keyboard on android tv, How To Use Your Phone as Android TV Gamepad

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53 thoughts on “Install Android TV In Your Old PC In 2023”

  1. it works perfectly but when we connect it to a tv with hdmi cable it works perfectly but the audio is not transferred through hdmi can any one help me to fix it

  2. it works very great but may i know how to use the inbuilt chromecast and how to sideload the apps in to it because it is not working when i try side loading the apps in to it

  3. pls help me how to use the chromecast and bluetooth functionality pls tell me for me it is not working pls reply pls pls pls pls

  4. I have an issue with the setup. I can get everything installed and working, but when trying to sign in the email field pops up then vanishes taking it back to the home screen with the sign in button. Is there something ive done wrong?

      1. Thanks for the answer. I actually discovered that the issue was the computer i used defaulted to legacy boot instead of UEFI. once i switched that it started working.

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for this tutorial. But when I try to launch Android TV after installation, I only have a blue sqaure on a blackscreen and nothing happens. Do you have any clue to help me ?

  6. Hi this is for those that may be encountering a black screen after clicking on install this is an issue to do with the disk encryption, check the partition made and ensure that its not encrypted if so go to :Settings >>Device encryption>>Turn off device encryption

  7. Really sad that this tutorial didn’t cover using a fresh new HDD/SSD, i don’t understand why someone would just use a partition, anyway it halt for me as it don’t detect my SSD and i have no clue how to add a partition to Linux

    1. Hi Frankie, it looks like your SSD/HDD is not visible on Step 13, I would recommend that before installation have a quick check is SSD/HDD connected properly or not. If SSD/HDD is connected you can directly follow STEP 12 for installation.

  8. It seems that it is running on Android 9, without any possibility to update to the latest version.

    Is there already something with android 12?

  9. I am having trouble with the build, I am trying to run netflix but it keeps throwing up the error ui-800-3 (207006) and when i try to install the update it says that the system update is “Null”.

  10. I am having trouble with the build, I am trying to run netflix but it keeps throwing up the error ui-800-3 (207006) and when i try to install the update it says that the system update is “Null”.

    1. Hey, it looks like you are playing a live image of android tv from the USB drive. You need to install android tv on a particular partition to use android tv without a USB drive.

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