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8 Best Web Browsers for Android TV In 2023

Android TV is a featured pack operating system, but one thing it lacks is the web browsing experience. We don’t have any built-in web browser to surf websites, many streaming apps still lack a dedicated app on android tv. So using a web browser to surf any website comes in pretty handy. There are many compatible web browsers we can try on any android tv. So let’s check out how we can install the most popular web browsers directly on Android TV.

If you are looking for a browser to surf websites, then one of the best options is to install a Jip Page browser. It can be directly installed from the android tv play store.

Jio Page Web Browser For Android TV [Ad Blocker Supported]

If you are looking to install the Google Chrome browser on Android TV, you may want to consider this Jio Page Web browser. This browser offers all the essential features of Google Chrome, with support for Android TV remote. One of the standout features of this browser is its support for Google Chrome sync, which allows you to log in to Google Chrome and sync your bookmarks, favourite websites, and saved passwords to access on Android TV. It also includes ad blocker support, incognito mode, and the ability to download files, directly on android TV. We can directly download android apps and easily sideload them on Android TV.

Download: Jio Page Web Browser

Open Browser

This browser offers a range of entertainment-related features on its home page, including the ability to stream free movies and live shows. It allows users to easily watch a variety of movies and TV shows in different genres. It also offers a wide selection of mini-games that can be played using the TV remote on an Android TV. One of the standout features of this browser is its support for live tiles, which allows users to quickly access any website by adding it to the Android TV home screen. It also offers a scroller mode for easier scrolling on websites using a TV remote, as well as the ability to add bookmarks, open multiple tabs, and browse in incognito mode. Overall, this browser provides a variety of useful features for users.

Download: Open Browser

Browser For Android TV

TV-Browser [Ad Blocker Supported]

This browser has soo many similarities with the google chrome browser this browser. It comes with an ad blocker and redirection blocker support so we can enjoy an ad-free experience on any website. If you stream free movies and tv shows then you might be familiar that we get soo many pop-up ads. This browser helps you to get the ad-free experience to watch movies and tv shows. We also get the support of a virtual mouse, so we can easily navigate on any website on android tv. We can also customize the mouse pointer and adjust the virtual mouse speed.

Download: TV Web Browser

Android TV Browser

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Odin Browser

If you’re looking for a PC-like browsing experience on Android TV, the Odin browser may be a good choice for you. It supports features such as bookmarks, incognito mode, and multiple tabs, allowing you to access multiple websites at the same time. Additionally, it also supports the use of an external mouse and keyboard, which can provide a more familiar browsing experience on Android TV. This browser also includes a browsing history page, zoom functionality, and support for multiple web standards, making it useful for managing office work by accessing official websites.

Download: Odin Browsesr

Odin Web Browser For Android TV

Browser Here

This browser offers a range of anime shows, movies, and TV shows from various content providers that can be streamed for free. Although it may not be as responsive as some other browsers, it can be a good choice for entertainment purposes, such as watching free movies and TV shows. It also includes dedicated scroller support, allowing you to easily navigate up and down using the TV remote. However, if you are looking to access social networking websites, it may be worth considering other browsers.

Download: Browser Here

EMOTEN Browser For Android TV

This browser is well optimized for the Android TV box as it’s compatible with the Android TV remote and offers a smooth web browsing experience on TV. The web pages load much faster with ultra-low performance loss and occupy low memory on storage. The optimization works perfectly as a web browser is well adapted to all kinds of web pages. This browser can provide you with the same web browsing experience as your PC with minimum data consumption. If your Google TV or mi box comes with lower power specifications then this browser is well suited for your device.

Download: Emotn Web Browser For Android TV

Google Chrome On Android TV

Google Chrome is not directly supported on tv but with the sideloading method, you can install Google chrome on any Android TV. The major advantage of using google chrome on tv is you can access all your personal bookmarks and password on android tv. Google Chrome also supports a file downloading option so you can download many android apps and directly install them on android TV. The major drawback of using google chrome on tv is this browser is not compatible with Android TV remote, so you need to connect the mouse to use this browser on android tv.

Sideload Android TV app

Firefox On Android TV

Firefox for Android TV is a version of the Firefox browser that has been optimized for use on television devices running the Android operating system. It allows users to browse the web on their TV and access web-based apps and services. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store on an Android TV device. This app also offers bookmark and password synchronization, you can easily access any of your favourite websites directly on android tv.

how to install firefox browser on android tv

How To Install Any Browser On Android TV

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Does Android TV have a Web browser?

Out of the box, we don’t have a web browser on android tv although there is a couple of browsers available on the android tv play store which we can directly install on any android tv.

How do I install the browser on Android TV?

You can visit the android tv play store and download jio page web browsers. This browser works with the android tv remote and supports many features of the google chrome browser on android tv.

Can you download a browser on Android TV?

Yes, there are many web browsers available for android tv.

Which is the best web browser on Android TV ?

The best web browser you can find on android tv is Jio Page Web Browser, it works on a chrome engine. So you can use all your chrome bookmarks and passwords directly on android tv. Jio Page Browser also file downloading option, you can stream and download files directly on android tv.

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