Best Browsers for Android TV In 2022

Android TV is a featured pack operating system, but one thing it lacks is the web browsing experience. We don’t have any built-in web browser to surf websites, many streaming apps still lack a dedicated app on android tv. So using a web browser to surf any website comes in pretty handy. There are many compatible web browsers we can try on any android tv. So let’s check out how we can install the most popular web browsers directly on Android TV.

If you are looking for a browser to surf websites, then one of the best options is to install a Jip Page browser. It can be directly installed from the android tv play store.

Jio Page Web Browser For Android TV

Recently Jio released its own web browser jio page web browser and trust me guys, this is the only browser you need for your android tv. It offers many features and a smooth UI experience to surf websites directly on your tv. This is one of the best browsers for android tv with AdBlock support. Some of the highlighted features make it stand out from other web browsers for android tv.

  • Inbuilt Cursor supports so you can use your android tv remote Dpad as a cursor to surf any website easily.
  • Downloading files directly on android tv is much easier now you can directly download any files using Jio Page Web Browser.
  • Sync your chrome browser bookmarks and password on the Jio page browser, which helps you easily log in on any of your favourite websites.
  • Regional Language Support Jio page is an Indian web browser, it supports regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and many more.

How to Install Jio Page Browser On Android TV

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Jio Page is one of the best web browsers for android tv which offers ad-block and google chrome sync support on android tv.

  1. Open Google Play Store On Android TV

    Google Play Store On Android TV

  2. Search For Jio Page Web Browser

    JioPages Browser On Andorid TV

  3. Select Install Button To Install Jio Page Web Browser

    Install JioPages Browser On Andorid TV

  4. Open Jio Page

    Now after installation, select accept on terms and agreements. Indian Web Browser For Android TV

  5. Synch Chrome Password On JioPages

    To sync all your chrome bookmarks and passwords on jiopages. Navigate to Settings on the top right side of the home screen. JioPages WebBrowser On Android TV

  6. Enter Your Google Credentials

    To synch your google account enter your Google credentials. Chrome Browser For Android TV

  7. Change Browser Language

    If you want to use your jiopage web browser in the regional language, you can do that too. Navigate to settings and open Site Settings.Indian Web Browser On Android TV

  8. It’s all Setup

    Now you can use the Jio Page Web browser on android tv.Indian Web Browser

How To Install Puffin Browser On Android TV [ Paid App ]

Open the Android TV Play Store on Android TV.

Playstore on android tv

On the Android TV play store search for Puffin Browser.

Select the Install button and wait for the installation to get completed.

Once installation gets completed, go to the home screen and add the puffin browser on the android tv home screen.

Puffin Browser

One of the essential features of the puffin browser is TV remote compatibility you can easily navigate any website from the TV remote. The major drawback of the Puffin browser is the app does not support file downloading on Android TV.

Step By Step Guide To Install Chrome Browser On Android TV

How To Install Google Chrome On Android TV

Google Chrome is a well-known browser as it supports almost all popular platforms, now we can directly install google chrome browser on android tv. On android tv very few browsers support file downloading google chrome is one of them.

First, Google Search for Aptoide TV on Smartphone.

Aptoide TV is an alternative app store which offers apps that are not directly available on Android TV.

On the Aptoide TV website, you need to select download the Aptoide TV app on a smartphone option.

After downloading the Aptoide TV on the smartphone, you need to use the Send Files to the TV app. This app is very popular to share files between android tv and smartphone.

So if you are not familiar with send files to tv app, you can install this app Send Files TV directly from Android TV and your Smartphone’s Play Store.

Share Files on Android TV

If you want to know more you can view the complete guide on it.

Now we will install the Aptoide TV app on android tv.

We will use Fx File Explorer to browse files on android tv.
In FX File Explorer, select the download folder and open Aptoid TV APK.

Fx File Explorer on android tv

Select the Install button to install Aptoide TV apk on Android TV.

After installing the Aptoide app, we will add Aptoide tv on the home screen for easy access.

In Aptoide TV we can search for the google chrome app and select the install button.

install chrome on android tv

After the installation of Google Chrome, we can’t access Google Chrome from the Android TV home screen. Sideloaded apps are not directly accessible from your Android TV home screen. We need to install a side launcher app that will help us to show the sideloaded app directly on the home screen.

To install the side launcher search for Sideload on the Android TV play store and select install.

google playstore on android tv

Search for Sideload app on the android TV play store.

Sideload web browser on Android TV

After installation adds a sideload of the app on the home screen. With this app, you can access all sideloaded apps directly from the home screen.

Sideload Android TV app

In this way, you can install google chrome on android tv. One issue with the google chrome app is, it is not compatible with tv remote support. So every time to browse the website we need to connect an external mouse on android tv. We won’t get a smooth browsing experience on android tv, so you can install the Firefox app.

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How To Install Microsoft Edge On Android TV

Now you can install Microsoft Edge On Android TV, this browser works on the same chrome engine. So you can sync all your chrome bookmarks directly on the Microsoft Edge browser. Similar to a chrome browser, an Microsoft Edge browser also requires additional mouse support to work properly on android tv.

Open the Aptoid TV app on Android TV.
(If you are not familiar with aptoid tv, check out the above steps to install aptoid tv on android tv)

Search For Edge Browser on Aptoid TV

Edge Browser On Aptoid TV

Select Install Button To Install Microsoft Edge Browser

Once App is downloaded Select Install on Edge Browser

Install Browser On Android TV

It will take some time to install it on android tv.

Web Browser On Android TV

Now to open the edge browser, use the side loader app here you will find the edge browser.

Install Microsoft Edge Browser On Android TV

How To Install Firefox Browser On Android TV

To get a complete browsing experience, you can also install Firefox on Android TV. Firefox has some major advantages compared to the Google Chrome browser. Firefox has remote compatibility so that your TV remote can be used as a mouse. On the home screen, you can get directly add a firefox browser.

To install Firefox on android tv, search for the firefox app on Aptoide tv.

install web browser on android tv

On Aptoid TV we can directly install the Firefox browser.

Firefox browser on Android TV

Once it’s installed we can add it to the home screen.

how to install firefox browser on android tv

Emotn Browser

This browser is well optimized for the Android TV box as it’s compatible with the Android TV remote and offers a smooth web browsing experience on TV. The web pages load much faster with ultra-low performance loss and occupy low memory on storage. The optimization works perfectly as a web browser is well adapted to all kinds of web pages. This browser can provide you with the same web browsing experience as your PC with minimum data consumption. If your Google TV or mi box comes with lower power specifications then this browser is well suited for your device.

Download Emotn Web Browser For Andorid TV

How To Install Any Browser On Android TV

Does Android TV have a Web browser?

Out of the box, we don’t have a web browser on android tv although there is a couple of browsers available on the android tv play store which we can directly install on any android tv.

How do I install the browser on Android TV?

You can visit the android tv play store and download jio page web browsers. This browser works with the android tv remote and supports many features of the google chrome browser on android tv.

Can you download a browser on Android TV?

Yes, there are many web browsers available for android tv.

Which is the best web browser on Android TV ?

The best web browser you can find is Jio Page Web Browser, it works on a chrome engine. So you can use all your chrome bookmarks and passwords directly on android tv. Jio Page Browser also file downloading option, you can stream and download files directly on android tv.

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