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Portronics Toad One Wireless Mouse Review

In the fast-paced world of technology, the importance of a reliable wireless mouse cannot be overstated. Recently, I had the opportunity to explore the Portronics Toad One wireless mouse, an affordable option priced at around 600 INR. This review aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the features that make this budget-friendly peripheral stand out in its competitive segment.

Unboxing and Contents

Upon unboxing, the Portronics Toad One mouse reveals a thoughtfully curated package, comprising not only the wireless mouse itself but also a Type C to Type A Charging Cable, a Warranty Card, and a user manual. What sets this budget mouse apart is its inclusion of a commendable one-year warranty, a noteworthy feature that adds value to the overall package.

Portronics Toad One  Mouse out of box content

Design and Build Quality

The Portronics Toad One boasts a complete plastic build with a matte finish, delivering a clean and sleek aesthetic. The top surface features a soft rubberized grip, enhancing comfort during prolonged usage. While the matte finish contributes to a premium look, it does come with the downside of being prone to fingerprints. Thankfully, a quick wipe with a cloth easily rectifies this issue.

Portronics Toad One matt finish

Adding a touch of flair to the design is the inclusion of sleek RGB lighting, operating in a cyclic mode. Users have the flexibility to toggle the lighting on and off, allowing for a personalized experience.

Portronics Toad One RGB Lights

Despite its basic design, the mouse’s weight of only 98 grams ensures comfort during extended use, mitigating the risk of any hand fatigue or strain.

Portronics Toad One Fingerprints

Performance and Customization Features

The Portronics Toad One mouse excels in performance with its strategically placed buttons, including top-side, right, left, and scroll wheel buttons. Additionally, a dedicated DPI adjustment button allows users to set the mouse sensitivity at 800, 1200, or 1600 DPI. This feature is particularly advantageous for users navigating larger screens, allowing for precise and efficient control.

Portronics Toad One Mouse

One notable drawback is the absence of native software support for customizing buttons. However, this limitation is effectively addressed by third-party software X Mouse Button Control for Windows PCs. This software empowers users to assign specific button functions, significantly enhancing productivity. For instance, during document editing, the buttons can be configured for quick copy-and-paste commands, streamlining workflow.

Portronics Toad One Wireless Mouse Review

Tactile Feedback and Connectivity

The Portronics Toad One mouse offers a satisfying tactile feedback experience, characterized by a distinct clickiness sound upon button presses. This feature caters to users who appreciate a responsive and audible confirmation of their actions.

In terms of connectivity, the mouse is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android devices, supporting multi-device connectivity.

Furthermore, the Portronics Toad One offers the flexibility of simultaneous connectivity to three devices. This is made possible by connecting two devices seamlessly through Bluetooth mode, providing a wireless and hassle-free experience. Additionally, for the third device, the mouse presents the convenience of connecting via a 2.4GHz dongle.

Portronics Toad One Mouse Dongle

The inclusion of the 2.4GHz dongle option is particularly noteworthy, as it extends compatibility to desktops that may lack Bluetooth functionality. This thoughtful feature ensures that the Portronics Toad One is not limited to devices with Bluetooth capabilities, enhancing its versatility and usability across a broader range of

However, a minor inconvenience arises from the placement of the device switch button on the backside. Although effective, users may find it slightly less intuitive compared to a top-side placement, as observed in some other mice models.

Portronics Toad One Mouse Connectivity

Battery Life and Charging

Equipped with a 500mAh battery, the Portronics Toad One mouse delivers an impressive battery life, lasting 6 to 7 days with daily usage of 8 hours. A notable feature contributing to its longevity is the battery-saving functionality. After a period of inactivity, the mouse automatically transitions into sleep mode, conserving power. However, it is worth mentioning that there is a noticeable delay in the wake-up response from sleep mode, which may affect user experience.

Portronics Toad One Mouse Type C Port

Charging the mouse is a hassle-free experience, thanks to the inclusion of a Type C port. The mouse can be fully charged within 1.5 hours, providing users with a convenient and quick charging solution. The versatility of using a standard Type C charger, commonly found with modern smartphones, adds to the mouse’s practicality. Furthermore, the mouse can be used while charging, offering uninterrupted usage even during the charging process.

Portronics Toad One Mouse Type C Charging


In conclusion, the Portronics Toad One wireless mouse emerges as a compelling choice in the budget-friendly category, offering a harmonious blend of design, performance, and features. Priced at around 600 INR, this mouse provides excellent value for money, making it an attractive option for users with diverse computing needs.

To explore further details or to purchase the Portronics Toad One mouse, refer to the description link provided.

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