7 Best Android TV Launchers You Must Try On In 2022

Android TV default launcher is fast and responsive, but it comes with limited customizations. We can only change the position of the tiles and remove apps from the home screen. In a recent android tv update, the android tv home screen also started showing ads for apps and movie recommendations. This doesn’t give a pleasant experience for users. Since the Android TV default launcher is not that great, we can try out 3rd party launchers which offer an ad-free experience with a lot of customization. These launchers are not just eyeing pleasing, it gives you absolute control to customize the android tv home screen from scratch, we can make it look better than the original Android TV Home Screen. So, let’s check out some best android tv launchers you can use on any android tv.

Best Android TV Launchers You Can Try


This launcher offers customization so we can easily set wallpaper background and adjust the tile’s view. For easy access we can create sections to categorize apps even we can hide or uninstall apps directly from the home screen. We can also increase app tiles size and change the view from grid to row. This launcher also offers an endless library of wallpapers from categories, we can also set any custom image as background. To install this launcher you can easily download it from the google play store.

Best launcher for android tv
FLauncher For Android TV

Download:- FLauncher For Android TV

ATV Launcher

For basic customization, FLauncher is pretty good but if you want more from your tv home screen, then you must try the ATV launcher. This launcher offers tons of customization from adding widgets to making app tiles completely customizable. On this launcher, we can create folders, sections and even arrange apps in grid or row view.

This launcher can also show the sided loaded app directly on the home screen, we also get the option to uninstall apps directly home screen. This is one of the best Android TV Launchers available on the android tv play store. Although the launcher is fairly easy to set up the only thing is to add widgets we need to grant one-time access on android tv. You can easily follow the below steps to grant one-time access, after that you can add any widgets on the home screen from weather to search bar you can add it all.

Setup Widget’s On Android TV

  • Enable developer options on your Nvidia Shield TV device.
    1. Go to “Settings”
    2. Select “Device Preferences”
    3. Select “About”
    4. Scroll down to and click on Build several times until a toast message appears saying, “You are now a developer”.
    5. You should now have Developer Options enabled on your Shield TV device.
  • Enable adb access on your Android TV.
    1. Go to “Settings”
    2. Select “Device Preferences”
    3. Scroll to the bottom and choose “Developer Options”
    4. Toggle “Enable Developer Options” on.
    5. Scroll down and toggle “Enable Debugging” on.
    6. Now Navigate to Android TV settings.
    7. In the “About ” Section, Open Status.
    8. Here Note the IP address and port that is shown. We will need this later.
  • Setup ADB on your computer. These instructions are for Windows 10, but you should be able to follow most of these instructions for your OS in a similar fashion.
    1. Download the Android SDK Platform Tools (choose the download link for your computer’s OS on the page that loads):
    2. Locate and extract the downloaded zip file
    3. Inside the extracted folder, you will find a folder titled “abd” file, open it up.
    4. Now open Comand Prompt, for this you can press ” Windows + R ” and type cmd.
    5. In the command prompt first type:- adb.exe connect (Your Android TV IP Address).
    6. On Android TV, you will receive a pop-up to allow authentication. Press OK on the tv remote to grant access.
    7. We will enter the second line of command to allow widgets. Use this command

After granting access to widgets we can easily add widgets on the android tv home screen, if you are unable to find widgets you can check out the app on Aptoid TV or the google play store. I’m using Jio Page Web Browser and Weather app on Homescreen, which you can easily check out on the google play store.

Download :- ATV Launcher For Android TV

PatchWall Launcher

This launcher made it really easy to access content on android tv, you can easily stream any movie or tv show directly from the home screen. On the homepage, we get the option to can explore content from multiple streaming apps from zee5 to discover+ it has content from all the popular streaming services directly available on the homepage. It makes it a lot easier to navigate to any content, as we don’t need to open any app to streaming app. We also get the option to pick content from different languages as it supports regional language which makes it much easier to find content from any app. The patch wall launcher is not directly available on the android tv play store, but you can easily sideload it by downloading this app. This is one of the best Android TV Launchers you can try out on any android tv.

patchwall launcher for android tv
PatchWall For Android TV

Download :- PatchWall For Android TV

Sideload Launcher

If your android tv performance is slow then you can give try to sideload the launcher, this is one of the basic launchers which offers third-party app support. You can directly access sideloaded apps from the home screen, as it offers a simple design with fast accessibility of apps. If you use more sideloaded apps rather than android tv apps you can try out this sideloaded launcher. It’s free to download from the android tv play store.

Sideload Launcher For Android TV

Emotn UI

This is one of the best minimalist launchers I have used on Android TV. What makes this launcher special is the rich online wallpapers collection, there is a wide variety of 4K wallpapers available from oceans, forests, lakes, mountains, cars and many more are available to set up on the home screen as well as on lockscreen. If that’s enough you can also upload a custom wallpaper of your own choice. There is also a unique feature where Wallpaper will change according to time, you can feel the change of light and shadow.

This launcher also offers dynamic wallpapers, weather and a memory cleaner widget. You can also use this launcher on lower-end devices as it has low memory consumption, which makes it responsive enough to replace with the google tv home launcher desktop.

So, guys, these are the best free launchers that offer customization and easy access to content directly from the home screen. We are excited to check out the latest Google TV launcher once it’s officially launched for every android tv, till the time you can check out these best android tv launchers. If you are facing any issue with the setup of the android tv launcher do let us know by commenting down below.

Download Emotun Launcher For Android TV & Google TV

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Top 3 Launcher For Android TV

Download:- Sideload Launcher

Step By Step Guide To Replace Android TV Homscreen Launcher To Custom Launcher

Now, to set any launcher as the default launcher on android tv, we need to disable the android tv default launcher. You can follow the below steps to disable the launcher on Android TV.

Replacing Android TV Homescreen Launcher

  • Disable Android TV Home
    1. First, we need to disable Android TV Home Launcher. It’s a system app, which means you can’t directly uninstall it. Therefore, we need to use ADB to disable it, preventing the app from working completely.
    2. On your PC, open Comand Prompt and type the following command:
      • adb connect {IP ADDRESS OF YOUR Android TV
      • Use the IP address you should have noted from the earlier step when we enabled Network Debugging.
    1. You should now be able to connect successfully with no errors.
    2. Now issue the following command to disable Android TV Home:
      • adb shell pm disable-user --user 0 com.google.android.tvlauncher
  • Setting the new launcher as default
    1. Now, using your Android TV remote, press the home button (the button with a “○” in the middle)
    2. You should get a prompt asking you to choose the default launcher.
    3. Choose the launcher you downloaded earlier.
    4. You may also get prompted to grant permissions to the launcher app to access services on your device. You will want to grant the requested access for the launcher to work properly.
    5. Now you can configure/customize your new default home screen launcher app to your liking.

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