How To Unlock Windows PC Using Mi Band 5 / 4 / 3

Mi Band is one of the most popular fitness tracker brands available in the market. Xiaomi has successfully covered the fitness tracker market by releasing back to back successor products like Mi Band 3, Mi Band 4, and Mi Band 5. These fitness bands offer great value for money by offering some amazing and cool features. Now, these fitness tracker bands not only help you to track your daily activities but they can go beyond and help you to unlock your Windows 10 PC as well. Unlocking Windows PC with mi band is a seamlessly smooth experience as it is fast enough to unlock devices in few seconds.

Mi Band To Unlock Windows 10

Time Needed: 15 minutes.

  1. Open Mi Fit App

    In Mi Fit App navigate to My DevicesMi Fit

  2. Select Mi Band

    In My Devices Section, search for Lab.Mi Fit App

  3. Open Lab From Mi Band Menu

    In Lab Section Enable Unlock Mi Notebook OptionMi Band Toi Unlock Windows10

  4. Open Settings On Windows 10

    Settings On Windows 10

  5. Search for Region In Windows 10 Settings

    Change Region On Windows 10

  6. Change Region On Windows 10

    Change country or region to China. Mi blaze app is exclusively available in China Region on Microsoft region change

  7. Open Microsoft Store

    Microsoft Store On Windows 10

  8. In Microsoft Store, search for Mi Blaze App.

    Mi Blaze on Microsoft Store

  9. Click On Install

    This will take some time depending upon your internet connection speed.Mi Blaze App

  10. Launch Mi Blaze App

    Mi Blaze On Windows Pc

  11. Turn On Windows 10 Bluetooth

    Make sure your Bluetooth is turned ON, on windows 10 and the Mi band is not paired with the smartphone.

  12. Pair Mi Band With Windows 10
    Select Yes To Pair Mi Band On Windows 10

    Mi Blaze App On Windows 10

  13. Select Yes On Mi Band To Pair With Windows 10

    Pair Mi Band On Windows 10

  14. Enter Your PC password

    You need to have a PIN setup on Windows Device to continue with this process. Pin On Windows 10

  15. Now Mi Band is Successful Paired With Windows 10

    Pair Mi Band With Windows 10

After completion of the steps, you can change back to your own region or country (INDIA). Changing region back won’t affect feature functionality.

It’s done, now you can unlock your windows 10 in few seconds with help of Mi Band 5/ Mi Band 4 or Mi Band 3. Just make sure your Mi band is connected to your Laptop to unlock Windows 10.

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