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Redragon K551 Rainbow Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

If you are looking for a mechanical keyboard under the price segment of then Redragon Vara K551 Mechanical Keyboard offers some amazing specs. So, let’s find out is it worthy to buy or not?

Redragon K551 Rainbow Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Out of Box

Out of box content, we get Keyboard, Additional Switches, Keycap puller, Keyboard switches, and User Manual.

Redragon K551 Out of BOX

Build & Design

Talking about the keyboard on the surrounded side we get a hard casing that feels solid and durable. Compared to the normal keyboard weight of the keyboard is heavy, but the good thing is due to its heavyweight, it provides a lot of stability at the time of typing on it. Now talking about USB cable it comes in gold plated designs with a thick plastic coating on it, it’s not braided but the cable quality of the cable is pretty good. The company has not compromised on build quality from any angle.

Gaming Keyboard

Typing Experince

The most essential thing about the keyboard is typing experience the feedback of keys is fast and responsive enough. If you are a fan of mechanical keyboard you know how satisfying keyboard clicky sound is, while typing on the keyboard you can get the same clicky sound experience while typing on it.

Redragon K551Mechanical Keyboard

If you want, you can replace any key or switch by removing them from the keycap puller. Replacing the switch is a simple process we use a keycap puller to remove keys then we can use switch remover to replace switches.

Redragon Outemu Switch

Out of the box, we get 4 Outemu red key switches which are almost similar to Cherry Red switches. On the top level with function keys with combo can be used as multimedia keys from where you can control volume, play/pause music, and other functions you can directly turn on.

Redragon K551 Gaming Keyboard

Function key also offers controllability of the backlit of the keyboard as well with the fn key you can enable different lighting setup for gaming mode. Now talking about lighting setup Redragon Vara K551 is available in two variants RGB and Rainbow. On rainbow, you get static lights which means you cannot change any key backlit color. If you want to fully customize backlit you can consider the RGB variant. There are different gaming backlit modes already available on the keyboard which can be easy to switch. Preset gaming backlit for COD, Dota and some popular games can be instantly used as it comes with preloaded presets for gaming. Gaming mode will only turn on the backlit for essential keys that will be used in-game.

Pro’s & Con’s

About the pros and cons, the build quality of the keyboard is very good but I like its keyboard have the steadiness and durability. The response time and feedback outperform under this price segment of the keyboard. Now things which I didn’t like about the keyboard is we do not get any dedicated software support. You cannot customize the backlight of the keyboard through software UI so if you want to customize, you must configure the backlight by multiple keyboard combinations which is not an easy approach to try on. If we get software support then customizing and setup up profiles for backlit will be so much easy. The second thing which I feel can be improvised is palm support as the keyboard comes under the boxy design so we don’t get any palm support although the height of the keyboards is adjustable if we get palm support that would be better. If you have the budget for 3000rs for a mechanical keyboard you can surely consider this Redragon K551.

Redragon Gaming Keyboard

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