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Mi Soundbar : Soundbar For Smart T.V

Smart TV is are now so compact which adds no space to add additional Speakers on T.V. Get the enhanced sound experience on your T.V. soundbar is the perfect choice to get home theater experience on T.V. So, Mi has released its soundbar with the 8 sound drivers on it.

Mi Soundbar design and specifications

The volume on speakers can get loud enough to fill up the entire room as it has eight front-firing speaker drivers. Which makes it perfectly balanced to differentiate between high and low pitched audio. We were able to understand voice dialogues even when the background music is loud.

Turning the volume to a high level we see some distortion in audio, which makes it perfect for low and mid-level audio. We understand that it has focused on improving TV sound speakers where it does a good job.

Mi Soundbar

For connectivity, it supports Bluetooth 4.2, SPDIF, stereo RCA line-in connectors, and a 3.5mm socket. The frequency response range is between 50-25,000Hz.

Mi Soundbar

Soundbar can be wall-mounted, as screws and plugs are included in the box. There is no additional subwoofer unit, as it is completely dependent on passive radiators provide the bass output. The Mi Soundbar feels durable and looks good as it feels solid, it comes in two standard color options white and black.

Mi Soundbar

Compared to competitors one thing which Mi Soundbar lack is dedicated remote. This means every time you need to physically adjust its controls, including power, volume, and source of selection. If you have done setup fo TV this is a one-time activity still, for adjusting the volume for different sound experiences it’s a bit uncomfortable. It will be better if we have the option to change everything from the comfort of our couch.

Mi Soundbar

The thing which it lacks is additional cables as out of the box.S/PDIF cable, this allows TV to output audio through both the soundbar as well as its in-built speaker. The major thing which it lacks is, volume adjustments were not possible through the TV remote when using S/PDIF. This point we feel it lacks the soundbar remote to adjust sound, if you use Bluetooth connectivity some hazel can be avoided.

The major issue we felt with Bluetooth is it won’t remember other connected devices. To connect new devices every time the previous device needs to be unpair to connect with a new one.


If you are planning to buy a soundbar for T.V to enhance audio experience then Mi Soundbar is a perfect choice under the price bracket of Rs,4999.

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