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All Streaming Platforms On One Place: REELGOOD

With the rise in OTT platforms, it’s now difficult to search which show is available on which platform. There are multiple streaming platforms available in the market as many users have a subscription to more than one streaming platform.

This makes it fairly difficult to search for any specific movie or show as you need to search for the desired show on every single platform. If the show is not available on your subscribed platform then it waste a lot of time.

To save all these hazel you can install the Reelgood app where you can manage all your platform subscriptions in one place. On Reelgood you can signup for free and add your subscription services.

So, you can search for any Show/Movie which is available on any streaming platform. Here you can even check shows IMDB and Reelgood rating before you watch shows. You can select your favorite genre from Top Rated IMDB movies to the best of Emmy Nominees shows. On Reelgood you can even track all your series/movies and get notified when new episodes or series uploaded on your subscribed platform.


Reelgood has gathered all the premium as well as free streaming services on one platform. If you don’t have any movie on your subscribed platform it will also suggest the alternative platforms where the movie is available. Here you can also check movies on free streaming services where you can search for the desired movies or series which is available free on any platform.

Reelgood App Compatibility

This streaming platform supports Android T.V, android / iOS smartphone, and LG Smart T.V. If you are in the US or UK region you can directly install an app from the play store, for other regions app need to be sideloaded.

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