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How To Watch Free Live TV On PC

If you are using windows or mac, now you can watch hundreds of free live tv channels on a windows pc. To watch live tv on windows or mac pc, we don’t need any android emulator app. We will use the Kodi app, this app offers thousands of free extensions and tons of customization options.

The features and compatibility offered by the Kodi app is mind-blowing, you can install this app on popular devices like Windows, mac, Apple TV and Android TV. We will be using the services of Jio TV on Android TV, so you need jio sim to get first-time OTP. Jio TV offers a huge library of live tv channels which we can stream for free on any windows pc.

Watch Live TV On Windows PC

First, we need to download Kodi app, which is available for free on the official Kodi Website. You can directly click on this link to download Kodi for windows or mac system.

Install Kodi App On Windows PC

If you are using a Windows pc you can directly download the Kodi app from the Microsoft store.

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Download Extension From BotAllen Repository

Click here to download BotAllen Repository. You can also visit this website to download the extension.

Open Kodi App On Windows PC

In Kodi App, select Add-Ons and In the Categories section select Install From Repository Option. Android TV Zip Files On Kodi

Navigate to Repository Menu

In the repository section open All Repository, select PVR ClientsPVR Client For Kodi AddOn

In All Repository select PVR Clients

In PVR Clients, install PVR IPTV Simple Client.PVR IP TV Android TV

Now After Setting Up PVR Client, Navigate To the Kodi Home screen

Here in the add-on section, select Install From Zip FileAndroid TV IPTV

Now we will install the downloaded zip file.

On Kodi, from Homescreen Select Install From Zip FileAndroid TV Zip Files On Kodi

In Pop Up Menu, Select Setting

Zip Files For Anroid TV

Select Unknown Sources, to install the zip file on a windows pc.


Navigate To Install Zip File and Select External Storage

How To Watch Free Live TV On PC

In External Storage, Select Download Folder & Open Repository Botallen Zip File

How To Watch Free Live TV On PC

After Installing Zip File, Navigate To Kodi Homescreen

On Kodi Homescreen Select Install From Repository.How To Watch Free Live TV On PC

In Kodi Repository Menu

Select Install From Repository and Open the BotAllen Repository How To Watch Free Live TV On PC

Select Video Addon, In BotAllen Repository

Here you will find JioTV & Hotstar TV, press OK button to install JioTVHow To Watch Free Live TV On PC

Now On Homscreen Add-On Section, Long Press On Jio TV

In the pop-up menu select settingsHow To Watch Free Live TV On PC

In Settings, on Account Tab

For first time setup we need to login into JioTV account.How To Watch Free Live TV On PC

Select login method,use the keyboard for quick login.

How To Watch Free Live TV On PC

Now select OTP as Login Type

Enter your Jio Mobile Number, it will send OTP to your phone number.How To Watch Free Live TV On PC

Now you can access all the Live TV channels

How To Watch Free Live TV On PC

You can also add a Channel Guide, for quick view of an ongoing show

Live TV Channel For Android TV Live TV Shows

To Setup Channel, long press on Jio TV and open Settings

Create Playlist On Android TV

In Setup Tab, Select Setup Simple IPTV PVR

Restart Kodi, it will take some time to load Channel GuideHow To Watch Free Live TV On PC

Now On TV Section, select Guide To Check Out All Live TV Shows

How To Watch Free Live TV On PC

It’s all Setup

Now enjoy the seamless experience of Live TV using Jio TV On Android TVHow To Watch Free Live TV On PC

This is one of the best ways I found to enjoy the live tv experience on your windows pc, you can also follow the same steps to install Jio TV on mac or Linux.

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