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Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam : Review

Today, we’re taking a deep dive into the Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam. In this thorough review, we’ll break down every aspect of this premium device – from design and purpose to specifications, performance, pricing, and the big question: is it worth having in your tech toolkit?

Exploring the Purpose:

Before we dive into the details of the Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam, let’s ask a basic question: Why do we even need a 4K webcam? Dell says it offers amazing video quality, but there’s doubt because most video apps only go up to 1080p. This review is here to figure out if the Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam is useful for regular people and if its fancy features are what we need.

Unveiling the UltraSharp Difference:

When they first called it just a 4K webcam, it didn’t quite capture what the Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam is all about. It’s not just about having a higher resolution – it’s way more than that. This webcam is in a league of its own, standing out as an ultra-sharp webcam. What’s cool is that it’s not only focused on having more pixels, but it’s all about making the entire picture look super clear and sharp. As we dig into our analysis, we’ll explore why this makes the Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam different from the regular ones out there, and if all these cool features are worth the higher price.

Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam : Review

Design and Ease of Use

The Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam looks really cool and is strong with its aluminium build. It has a magnetic cover for privacy. You can put it on a monitor or a camera stand—it’s up to you. It’s easy to connect with a Type-C cable, and there’s this Dell app that makes it simple to set up. With the app, you can change things like brightness and colour to make it just the way you like it.

Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam : Review

Specifications and Performance

The Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam has an 8MP camera that meets really high standards, making it work really well. It supports HDR, which makes the video look even better, and it also has this thing called Windows Hello, which adds more cool features. We tested it in different places, and the video always looked sharp and clear. There’s this smart feature that keeps your face in the middle of the frame, which is great when things are moving around. But, just so you know, it doesn’t come with a built-in microphone. Dell assumes that if you’re getting this fancy webcam, you probably already have a good external microphone.

Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam : Review

Real-World Applicability

For regular folks who just hop on video calls every now and then, the Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam might be too much. But if you’re a YouTuber, gamer, or someone who does a lot of video meetings, this fancy webcam is perfect. It’s designed for people who want the best video quality and something that’s easy to use.

Dell UltraSharp 4K Webcam : Review


In conclusion, the Dell UltraSharp Webcam – WB7022, priced at ₹17,499.00, stands out as a commendable investment for those prioritizing top-tier video quality in their virtual interactions. With advanced features, including HDR support, Windows Hello integration, and AI auto-framing, it caters to content creators, streamers, and professionals engaged in frequent video conferences.

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