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Xiaomi 5A Smart TV Review

In the ever-expanding market of smart TVs, Xiaomi has been a key player, consistently delivering budget-friendly options that aim to strike a balance between features and affordability. In this review, we’ll delve into the Xiaomi 40-inch Smart TV, a recent addition to my home entertainment setup, acquired for a modest sum of around 20,000 INR. Over the last two weeks, I’ve subjected this TV to daily use, uncovering its strengths and identifying areas where it falls short. Let’s take a closer look to determine if this offering is a viable option in the budget segment.

Unboxing and Build Quality:
The unboxing experience reveals the essentials – the TV, remote, AA batteries, and a table stand. However, a notable omission is the absence of wall mounting accessories, a feature available in the TV but requiring an additional investment of 500 INR. The TV itself boasts a sleek metallic build with minimalistic bezels, contributing to an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Connectivity and Compatibility:
One of the strengths of the Xiaomi 40-inch Smart TV lies in its connectivity options. With 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Ethernet, AV ports, and a 3.5mm jack, it accommodates a variety of devices. Furthermore, the inclusion of dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ensures seamless wireless connectivity, enhancing the TV’s versatility.

Xiaomi 5A Smart TV Ports

Display Performance:
The centrepiece of any television is its display, and Xiaomi’s offering features a 40-inch Full HD IPS panel. The display impresses with vibrant colours and a balanced saturation that mitigates colour oversaturation issues. Adjustability is a key feature, allowing users to fine-tune colour, contrast, and brightness for a personalized viewing experience. Despite concerns about pixel visibility on a 40-inch screen, the TV’s 178-degree viewing angles address this, providing a distortion-free viewing experience even from acute side angles.

Xiaomi 5A Smart TV Review

Audio Quality:
Audio quality is often a make-or-break aspect of any TV, and the Xiaomi 40-inch Smart TV holds its own with 24 Watts speakers supporting Dolby Atmos. In a medium-sized room, these speakers deliver sufficiently loud and clear audio. However, for cinephiles and audiophiles seeking a more immersive experience, investing in a budget soundbar is recommended.

Xiaomi 5A Smart TV Audio Experience

Software Experience:
Under the hood, the TV runs on the latest Android 11 operating system, offering a smooth and intuitive user interface. With 1.5 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage (around 4 GB usable), the TV handles everyday tasks and app usage with relative ease. One standout feature is the inclusion of Xiaomi’s PatchWall interface on the home screen. This feature streamlines content access by allowing direct playback from popular apps like Sony, Zee, and Hotstar. Furthermore, PatchWall supports regional languages, catering to a diverse audience.

Xiaomi Smart TV Free Live TV App

Additional Features:
A notable addition to the Xiaomi 40-Inch Smart TV is a free live TV app, providing access to various channels spanning different genres. This feature enhances the TV’s utility, especially for users interested in news, movies, and TV shows without the need for a separate cable or DTH connection. To counteract potential performance slowdowns that often plague Android TVs over time, Xiaomi has incorporated an inbuilt app for clearing cache memory, contributing to smoother operation.

Xiaomi 5A Smart TV Free Live TV App

Remote Control:
The remote control, while embracing a minimalistic design, includes all essential buttons for seamless navigation. An interesting note is the absence of a dedicated mute button. However, muting the TV is a simple affair – press the volume down button twice.

Xiaomi Smart TV Remote

Considerations and Conclusion:
As we weigh the pros and cons of the Xiaomi 40-inch Smart TV, a crucial consideration emerges. While the TV ticks all the essential boxes and offers a commendable array of features, the display quality might disappoint those seeking razor-sharp clarity in Full HD content. For users primarily interested in news or stock market updates, this TV presents a reliable and budget-friendly choice. However, for individuals seeking a more immersive viewing experience with movies and TV shows, it might be worth considering a 4K TV. Brands like Kodak, iFFalcon, and VU offer 4K TVs in the 19-20k INR range, providing a noticeable upgrade in picture quality.

In conclusion, the Xiaomi 40-inch Smart TV stands as a solid option in the budget-friendly segment, but it comes with its set of compromises. It’s imperative to align your specific viewing preferences and requirements before making a purchase decision. As always, understanding the trade-offs ensures that the TV you choose aligns seamlessly with your entertainment needs.

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