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Call of Duty: Warzone – 9 Tips for Advanced Players

Call of duty warzone

If you adore shooting games and action sequences, then Call of Duty: Warzone is a game specially designed for you. This is a mesmerizing first-person shooter game that brings along a high element of excitement and enthusiasm. 

In addition, the game offers lots of scope for improvement, even for players who have been playing for a long time. Thus, you can find even advanced players seeking cod warzone 2 aimbot hacks and tips to get the upper hand in the game. 

Relevant Tips for Advanced Players of Call of Duty: Warzone

Let us read through some fantastic tips for advanced players who wish to improve their Call of Duty: Warzone game.

  1. Get Familiar With The Weapons

This may, however, seem a weird tip for advanced players; the reality is that since there are more than 160 weapons in COD, it may sometimes be challenging to remember every weapon. The available weapons include launchers, snipers, SMGs, shotguns, and handguns. 

When you are involved in a fight, you should know that one weapon would shoot a barrage of bullets on firing while another gives only a potshot. Remember, not understanding your weapon well can make you lose a fight. 

  1. Quickly Move To The Battlefield

You can quickly reach the battlefield by deploying your parachute and returning to free-fall mode. When you are an advanced player, you understand the benefit of getting first to the battlefield and getting a chance to seek better equipment.

This move also protects you from enemies who try to destroy you by opening fire during parachute drops. 

  1. Purchasing Loadout Should Be a Priority

Though acquiring floor weapons is fine during the initial stages, it is always best to get some particular loadout. Thus, as per experts, it is always advisable to make efforts to get $10,000 cash and purchase a Loadout drop from your nearest station.

This would help you secure your own set of weapons and equipment that will prove handy when you move to the advanced stages of the game. 

  1. Hold The High Ground

COD also makes use of the verticality feature, which makes it beneficial for the players who are placed on a high roof. After all, height always gives you a winning hand over players running on the ground in any shooting game. And nothing changes in COD as well.

Thus, always try to secure a high position to help you target your enemies well.

  1. Map Checking is Important

An essential tip offered by experts for players of COD is to check the map beforehand to select your landing zone. When you observe a plane starting up, get your map screen and look at where the shrinking gas is starting. 

This will give you an idea of where other players are more likely to land. As your confidence grows, you can tailor your strategies to suit your goals better.

  1. Pay Attention to Bullet Trails

Now, this is one aspect that players often ignore as they have numerous other things to look after. However, since bullets are completely visible to the naked eye and travel long distances, following bullet trails can help get information about your enemy’s location. 

However, before running after a bullet, always remember that when you see a bullet flying from one side to the other, it could also mean you are between two enemies firing at each other. Thus, letting them fight and then target the winner will be beneficial.

  1. Play as per Your Strengths

COD is a challenging game, and not one player can get accustomed to all the required skills. While some players are good at selecting their favourite landing spots, some are good at following bullet trails.

However, regular practice can give you an upper hand in the game and identify your strengths. Remember, with time, when you play the game as per your strengths and try to overcome your weaknesses, you are bound to secure a win.

  1. Never Shoot Before Securing Elimination

This is one mistake that often advanced and veteran players make while playing the game. They tend to start shooting at their enemies as soon as they appear on the screen. 

However, this is a mistake as, in some circumstances, it will only alert your enemies about your position and increase your chances of getting killed.

  1. Load Up on Cash

Cash is an imperative aspect of the game of COD. Players can purchase great things such as weapons and chances of reviving their teammates if they can secure cash. Now, this cash is scattered at different locations on the map, and you need to pick as much money as possible right from the start.

Final Words

Call of Duty Warzone is undoubtedly one of the best shooter games, with many latest versions. The game has something for all kinds of players, whether beginner or advanced. 

Thus, experts have designed tips to help advanced players to increase their chances of winning the game. Happy winning!

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