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Best Productivity Apps For Android

Productivity apps on android can help you to get organized and plan your work ahead of your day. These apps can help you to manage your time and focus on your goals. These apps can help you in taking notes to automate your apps on a smartphone. Productivity Apps available on this list are free to download from the android play store.

So, here is a list of the best productivity apps for android that will help you to focus and be productive throughout your day.

Firefox Screenshot Go

This app helps you to find any screenshot easily, as it makes every screenshot searchable. You can easily search any screenshot from this app, even it allows you to copy text from any searchable screenshot.

Firefox Screenshot Go


Evernote is one of the best apps for note-taking, as it allows users to take notes instantly; this is not just a note-taking app. It offers a lot more features like categorising your notebooks, organising your to-do list, inserts screenshots(up to 25MB). Voice record inside notes, copy text from screenshots,password-protected notes, and many more features you can use on this app.



Automate is fantastic that will help you to automate mobile applications. From this app, you can change settings like volume, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi. Even you can perform any actions like sending Text Messages or sending an e-mail to someone, start a music app at a specific time or stop apps in the background based on the battery level. This app will help you to automate almost everything on android smartphones and tablets.

Automate For Android

Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly is one step ahead of autocorrect. It will suggest words that are suitable and grammatically correct for your sentences. This app keyboard will work on any mobile app, which helps you to write error-free sentences on your mobile device. If you’re writing an important email, or sending an important LinkedIn message, or creating an essential Facebook post, you can write with confidence.

Grammarly Keyboard For Android

VM Boxer

Many of us use multiple email accounts, and its a massive pain if we have more than three email accounts to manage.VM Boxer is an app that will help you to merge all of your email accounts in the same place. Whether an email account is from Gmail, Outlook, Rediff, or any other, you can easily merge. This app will also sync your contacts and calendars, so you don’t need to switch between different accounts.

VM Boxer For Android


Post Box app helps you minimize distractions from the smartphone, by holding all your notifications till your preferred time. On this app, you just need to choose how many times you’d like to receive notifications, and then it will show you notifications in a well-organized way. So you can easily go through all notifications in one place.

Postbox Android App

SMS Organizer

On a daily basis, we will receive many messages, it can be a promotional, personal, or an OTP message. This app is will organize all your text messages in different categories. It can also remind you of upcoming events for a train, flight booking, or hotel reservations. You can also create a backup of all your messages and upload them to google drive. Notifications can be customized according to your preference. If you don’t want to receive notification’s from the promotional or OTP message you can disable it.

SMS Organizer For Android

Indistractable Launcher

Many of us want to reduce our phone usage, according to one survey smartphone apps are designed in such color combinations that it will trigger our brain to use them more frequently. This app will help you reduce your phone usage by showing only a minimum number of apps on the home screen. You can pin the top 5 essential apps on the home screen which you require most, remaining apps can be used by swiping the right side from the home screen.

Indistractable Launcher

Microsoft To-Do

Its a task management app to help you stay organized and manage your daily task. From this app, you can make shopping lists or task lists, create notes. You can even set reminders to increase your productivity and focus on what matters the most. You can also add to lists with Cortana, and see tasks assigned to you from Microsoft Planner. This app also allows you to attach a 25MB file to any of your tasks. With office integration, you can easily create a task from outlook mails or calendars.

Microsoft To Do For Android

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Best Productivity Apps For Android

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