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Top 10 Android Apps In 2023

Best Apps For Android In 2020

Best 10 Free Android Apps

Android ecosystem is best-known for apps, and the ecosystem is side-loading of apps much easier on it. If you don’t find an app, you can directly download it from any website. Although there is always a security risk in side-loading of apps, google never recommend to side-load any app. On Android at least we have the option to do that, as many android apps offer some premium features.

So, here is a list of android apps that are not directly available on the play store but have many cool features, which make them worth to check out.

AC Market

AC market is one of the most popular Android MOD app store where you can download all premium applications. This app has an extensive collection of premium games and apps. To use this app, you don’t even require to root your phone. This app can be installed right away from their website.

AC Market


Snaptube offers video downloading from 50+ sites like Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, and more. This app provides video downloading in all resolutions like 720p, 1080p, 2k, and even in 4k. From this app, you can also convert videos directly into audio mp3 format. You can download this app from Aptoid, mi app store, and uptodown.


Tor Browser

Tor is best known for its privacy, as it blocks all the third-party trackers and ads on the websites you visit so ads and trackers can’t track you. This browser provides multilayer protection, by redirecting same website from multiple IP addresses to hide your identity. Tor browser works as VPN so any website which is blocked by your ISP can be directly accessed from this browser. 

TOR Browser


CamScanner is the best-known app for digitalizing any paper document. On this app smart cropping and auto enhancing feature help, scanned documents to be clear and sharp which can be view in any resolution.OCR feature help to make any document searchable so you can easily search it. You can even share the document as a PDF or in JPEG format. This app has a lot to offer if you are an educator or student then you can use all premium features, you need to sign up with .edu domain to avail all premium features.



Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps on the play store. This app offers a lot of features like working on the RAW image, correcting the pose of pictures based on three-dimensional models, removing unnecessary background elements from photos and many more features it offers. This app is directly available on the play store.

Snapseed For Androi

4K Wallpapers

4K wallpaper is a well-optimized app for wallpapers, as it offers wallpapers in  4K Ultra HD and Full HD (High Definition) wallpapers in backgrounds. This app also offers live and auto wallpaper changer just by selecting a category and frequency-time you can automatically change lock screen or background wallpaper from it. If you like any wallpaper you can save it in your gallery and share with your friends. You can download this app from play-store.

4k Wallpapers


Canva is well known for designing graphic poster, logo and videos. From this app, you can easily edit any photo or create advertisements in a couple of minutes. This app offers an extensive collection of templates which you can use to create events, social media stories, logo designs, book cover, blog and many more. It also offers free stock videos and photos which you can use commercially without any credits. 


Bluelight Filter for Eye Care

Bluelight app helps you to adjust your screen color to reduce the blue light, as this will help you to avoid strain on your eyes. If you see your phone screen in a dark environment this will make it easier for you to fall asleep. This app doesn’t just dim the screen brightness, but it adjusts the screen colors to reduce blue light which can cause strain on your eyes. You can also schedule the app to turn off or on filter according to your preferred time.

Bluelight Filter App


Grreenify app helps you to save battery, as you might be aware of on android many apps run in background services. This app identifies all the misbehaving apps which are working in the background and puts them into hibernation mode when you are not actively using them, this helps to stop the device from lagging or draining out battery. 


Microsoft Launcher

If you are using Windows 10, then this launcher can help you seamlessly transition between Android phone and your PC. You can also customize your personalized feeds to see news, calendar events and recent contacts at a glance. This launcher also has the dark mode, so if you love using your phone in the dark mode, you can do that too.

Microsoft Launcher

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