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8 Super Useful Xiaomi Smartphone Features

Hey guys, do you know that Xiaomi’s latest MIUI 14 comes with a lot of features that can help enhance our phone experience? We can view videos and images in better quality, use YouTube in the background, and even use the gaming mode to improve our gaming experience. Let’s check out really interesting features on the Xiaomi smartphone.

Video Toolbox

If you use YouTube for songs and podcasts, then this feature will come in handy for you. With Video Toolbox, we can play any app in the background, regardless of whether the app is supported for background play or not. To enable this feature, we need to visit the settings and select the Video Toolbox option. Then, we can tap on the app in which we want to enable this feature. On the right side panel, we can explore several features such as applying live filters, fine-tuning audio quality, screen recording, and opening any app in a mini-window instantly.

8 Super Useful Xiaomi Smartphone Features
Xiaomi Video Tool Box

To play any app in the background, we need to select the ‘background with screen off’ option after playing the video on the YouTube app. After that, we can save our phone’s battery and enjoy YouTube playlists or any video with the screen off.

Clear Phone Speaker

Another essential thing is if your phone falls in water or its speaker are not working, then you can use the Clear Speaker feature by opening the settings. With this feature, we can unblock the speaker within 30 seconds. Speakers create different frequency sound waves that can get blocked due to dust or water. This feature can automatically unblock the speaker.

8 Super Useful Xiaomi Smartphone Features
Xiaomi Clear Speaker Mode

Xiaomi’s Gallery

If you frequently take photos, then Xiaomi’s Gallery app offers several options for photo editing. We can use filters for food, portrait, and city lights. Additionally, we get an AI option that can remove any text or object from the frame with easy. This app makes photo editing quite easy. Firstly, we need to select the edit option on the photo, and then we get the erase option. If there is a person in the photo, we can easily remove them by selecting the ‘remove people’ option. This app does a pretty decent job, and for removing any object from the frame, we can use the manual option.

8 Super Useful Xiaomi Smartphone Features
Xiaomi Gallery Features

Another interesting thing we get for photo editing is the Sky feature. With AI, we can completely change the sky images with presets like nighttime, daytime, sunrise, sunset, and more. We can easily create small gif formats of any picture with these presets. The image processing speed is quite fast, and we don’t have to wait for long to see the results. The edited photos are so perfect that we can’t even tell the difference between the actual photo and the edited one. I would recommend trying out these features.

Camera Vlog Mode

The Xiaomi camera vlog mode feature is a specialized camera mode that is designed to help users create high-quality vlogs or video blogs. If you love creating youtube shorts or Instagram reels then this video mode won’t disappoint you.

8 Super Useful Xiaomi Smartphone Features
Xiaomi Vlog Mode

Super Wallpapers

Next thing, guys, you get to see super wallpapers in Mi, where we get cool animations on the lock screen and home screen, and the wallpapers dynamically change. In the morning, we see the sunrise, in the evening, we see the sunset, and at night, we see dark mode wallpaper switching, which looks pretty cool. To use these wallpapers, you can select them from the wallpaper section in the settings, and you get to see different categories of super wallpapers.

8 Super Useful Xiaomi Smartphone Features
Mi Super Wallpaper

Mi Note App

The Mi Note app is actually useful, as it allows us to pick cool themes, add voice recordings to note down text, highlight images with sketching tools, and take structured notes to pre-plan topics.

8 Super Useful Xiaomi Smartphone Features
Mi Notes App

Floating Window

Multitasking is quite easy on Xiaomi smartphones, as we can use any app in a picture-in-picture mode. No matter whether you are playing a game or attending a conference, we can pin any app in a small window and use multiple apps at the same time. This feature comes really handy, to try it out, you can open any app, slide down, and pin it up. You can also navigate to the multi-window option in the settings and try out the gesture feature.

8 Super Useful Xiaomi Smartphone Features
8 Super Useful Xiaomi Smartphone Features

Side panel

Sidepanel offers great flexibility to access any app without going to the home screen. The sidebar can be accessed by swiping from the left side of the screen towards the right. Once opened, users can see a list of all their installed apps in alphabetical order. Additionally, users can also group apps by category or frequency of use for easier access.

8 Super Useful Xiaomi Smartphone Features
Sidepanel App On Xiaomi

Another benefit of the Xiaomi sidebar feature is that it helps users keep their home screen clean and organized. Users can move all their apps to the sidebar and have an empty home screen for widgets, wallpapers, or other essential apps.

Game Mode

If you prefer playing games on your phone, then you must try out the game mode. With this mode, we can enjoy a smooth experience while playing games, as we get many options to set video, audio, and touch controls according to our preferences. We can also boost up the RAM and improve WiFi. We can use screen recording, casting, and voice changer features as well. If you are using a large-screen size phone, then you can easily calibrate the touch screen for gaming to avoid accidental touches. We get many options in this app, which help us improve the performance of games and visuals.

8 Super Useful Xiaomi Smartphone Features

So, guys, these are some tricks that you must try out on your Mi smartphone. If you are interested in watching more tech videos like this, then you should press the subscribe button. That’s it for this video, thanks for watching, I hope you like it, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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