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Realme Neckband Buds Wireless 3 Review

Realme has been a prominent player in the audio industry, and I’ve had the chance to extensively use their previous neckband offerings, the Buds 2 and Buds 1. Now, after two weeks of daily use, I can confidently assess the improvements and similarities in the latest addition to their lineup, the Realme Neckband Buds Wireless 3. In this review, I’ll delve into whether these earbuds, priced under 2000 INR, deliver a satisfying audio experience.

Design and Build Quality

The Realme Neckband Buds Wireless 3 comes neatly packaged with small, medium, and large-sized ear tips, along with a user manual. However, unlike its predecessor, it lacks the inclusion of a charging cable. This isn’t a major issue as most smartphones today use the ubiquitous Type-C charger, which can be used for charging.

Realme Neckband Buds Wireless 3

In terms of design, significant changes are evident. The neckband and earbuds have grown in size, transitioning from a smooth, curved design to a sharper and bold look. I find the new design more appealing. The build quality remains consistent with previous models, featuring a combination of soft rubber material and hard plastic that gives a solid feel. Extended usage doesn’t lead to discomfort.

Realme Neckband Buds Wireless 3

One notable design change is the relocation of the volume controller to the front side, which now allows for easy volume adjustment and music control. This subtle change enhances the overall user experience.

Realme Neckband Buds Wireless 3

Audio Experience

Realme Neckband Buds Wireless 3 boasts a 13.6mm dynamic bass driver that performs impressively. Thanks to excellent audio separation, vocals, mids, highs, and lows are distinctly audible. If you’re a fan of heavy bass music, these earbuds are a solid choice. The dynamic bass boost feature further enhances the bass quality and can be adjusted to your preference. For those who enjoy softer music, preset modes are available for clear vocal and instrumental rendition. Additionally, users can fine-tune the sound using the equalizer.

Realme Neckband Buds Wireless 3

What’s particularly impressive is that even at 30 to 40% volume, the earbuds deliver sufficiently loud and clear audio. There’s no noticeable distortion even at the highest volume levels. The audio section of these earbuds is unlikely to disappoint in any way.

Realme Neckband Buds Wireless 3

Spatial audio, a feature present in the Realme Neckband Buds Wireless 3, offers a surround sound experience. However, in my opinion, this feature appears to be more of a gimmick. It tends to produce audio in a reverb mode in many apps, which doesn’t significantly improve the experience. It would have been better if Realme had mentioned the apps in which this feature works effectively.

Noise Cancellation

The earbuds provide up to 30dB of active noise cancellation, which effectively reduces background noise, especially in quieter environments like an office. While it doesn’t eliminate noise, it does a commendable job of suppressing it. The transparency mode enhances environmental sounds, making it useful for outdoor activities like cycling or jogging while remaining aware of your surroundings.

User-Friendly Features

The Realme app offers convenient customization options for audio settings, including volume enhancement and bass boost. Notably, dual device pairing allows easy switching between two connected devices, making multitasking a breeze. However, there is a slight delay when switching between devices, which could potentially be addressed through a firmware update.

Realme Neckband Buds Wireless 3

The “Find My Device” feature is handy for locating your phone by ringing it through the neckband.

Unfortunately, the Realme app has its downsides, as it tends to be inconsistent in displaying connected devices and includes unnecessary product recommendations on its main page, cluttering the user interface.

Realme Neckband Buds Wireless 3  App

Mic Quality and Gaming Mode

The mic quality of the earbuds is decent, but it tends to pick up environmental noise. This can be a drawback during phone calls, but some apps like Teams and Zoom offer noise cancellation options, improving call clarity.

Gaming mode on these earbuds provides low latency, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. I tested them with Call of Duty and didn’t encounter audio drops or latency delays.

Battery Life

With daily usage of 4-5 hours for entertainment and meetings, the Realme Neckband Buds Wireless 3 easily lasts around 36-37 hours on a single charge. Enabling noise cancellation may slightly affect battery life, but the fast charging feature allows for approximately 22-23 hours of usage with just a 10-minute charge.

Realme Neckband Buds Wireless 3  Battery Life


In conclusion, the Realme Neckband Buds Wireless 3 offers an impressive combination of audio quality and comfort, making it a strong contender in the budget segment. While there aren’t drastic changes compared to its predecessors, subtle improvements and added features enhance the overall experience.

If you can find it on sale or with discounts, it becomes an even more attractive choice. However, there are some minor drawbacks with the Realme app, and the gaming mode may benefit from firmware updates. Nevertheless, these earbuds deliver a solid audio experience at an affordable price point.

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