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Top 5 Hidden Games On Android TV

Android TV is one of the popular TV OS which offers a huge library of apps and games. We can explore more than 5000+ apps on any android tv, but do you know we can also install some really cool games which are not available on the TV Playstore. To find out interesting games I try to install more than 50 smartphone games to find the right compatible games for Android TV.

When I was searching for compatible games, my criteria were really simple. Games should work smoothly on any Android TV device. I did find some games which work really well on any tv. The only drawback is that these games are made for smartphones, so we can’t play using an android tv remote. To enjoy these games you can use any compatible gamepad or USB mouse. Android tv supports almost all the android supported devices. So, you can easily connect any Bluetooth or USB-supported mouse on any android tv device.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey, this game has amazing graphics and really good background music. The minimalistic graphics and immersive soundtracks make this game simply magnificent. The gameplay is very simple, on every level there are three quests we need to complete by sliding and jumping on a skateboard to avoid obstacles. It may sound easy, but you’ll need a little spend time to master skateboard skills to complete the challenge. The background music can keep you engaged for a long time, I would recommend using headphones while playing. To play this game on an android tv, a gamepad is must required.

Play Altos Odyssey On Android TV

Download Alto’s Odyssey On Android TV

Plant vs Zombie 2

Plant Vs Zombies 2 is a game that’s fun for both casual and high-level gamers. In this action strategy game, you must protect your house from zombies using many types of plants. You will encounter a variety of plant powers and zombies while playing this game. Your goal is to protect your house from zombies by strategically planting different types of plants. On every level, we need to survive zombie waves to gain power upgrades. You can easily take advantage of every environment in this game as there are more than 300 levels you can go through to unlock all the secrets. This game works perfectly with a mouse, you can connect any USB or Bluetooth-compatible mouse to enjoy it on android tv.

Play Plant Vs Zombi 2 On Android TV

Download Plant Vs Zombie 2 For Android TV


If you love playing puzzle games then you must try out LIMBO Demo. In this game, we get an interesting storyline to solve different types of puzzles. What I like is difficulty level of the puzzles is not that hard, so we can spend less time-solving puzzles and enjoy the storyline. This game’s atmospheric environment and background music can help you to feel connected for long hours. In the free version, we get only 5 levels to play, if you find this game interesting then you can buy the full version from google play store. This game works perfectly with a gamepad alternatively, you can also use a USB keyboard to play it on android tv.

Limbo Game On Android TV

Download Limbo Game On Android TV

Angry Bird

Angry Bird this is one of the most popular games on android and iOS. I’m sure you heard about this game or experienced this game on a smartphone. Angry Birds is a game that blends 2D comic-style gameplay and some simple puzzles. With the help of a mouse, we need to set birds at different angles and positions to hit green pigs. What really impressed me, this game works really smoothly on android tv.
I didn’t face any lag or jitter issues while playing this game it works really well. This game requires mouse support to play on android tv.

Android TV Games

Download Angry Bird On Android TV

Pocket City

In this game, we’ll design our own city that we can shape. We can build roads, industrial buildings, residential areas, and a lot more. We’ll get many more options to design a well-planned city to generate better revenue to complete different quests. As the game progress, we can unlock and explore new areas on the map. What I like is this game doesn’t present any type of disruptive ads. So, we can enjoy the game without interruptions.

Pocket City On Android TV

Download Pocket City for Android TV

Stumble Guys

This game features a series of obstacle courses that players must navigate through as quickly as possible. Players control cute, clumsy characters and must compete against each other to be the last one standing. Stumble Guys is designed to be fun and challenging for players of all ages. It is available on a variety of platforms, including PC, mobile devices, and gaming consoles and now you can play on android TV.

Top 5 Hidden Games On Android TV
Image Source: Google Playstore

Download Stumble Guys For Android TV

Now guys question is, how we can play these games on android tv?

We need to sideload these apps on android tv, you can use refer to this method to install any game on android tv.

Watch Now !! Hidden Games On Android TV

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