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Samsung M5 Smart Monitor: Review

I’m reviewing the Samsung M5 Smart Monitor, this monitor offers some special features that make it stand out from its competitors. Currently, the market is dominated by full HD 27-inch monitors that cost under 15,000 rupees, whereas this monitor is priced at around 18,000 rupees. So let’s find out if it’s worth spending an extra 3,000 rupees on this monitor.

Samsung M5 Smart Monitor

Firstly, let’s talk about what comes in the box. With the monitor, you get a monitor stand, a remote, AA batteries, and a user manual. The metallic build of the monitor stand provides a stable feel. The stand also comes with a cable clamp to help organize multiple HDMI and power cables.

However, the stand does not offer height adjustment, but you can tilt the screen 2 degrees up and down. It also supports a VESA mount, so you can use a wall mount or a third-party height-adjustable stand.

Samsung M5 Smart Monitor Back

Looking at the screen, it features a completely bezel-less design and supports Full HD content at 60Hz. It uses a VA panel, which is popular for its ability to show good contrast levels. Thanks to the VA panel, you can notice deeper levels of light and dark areas in the picture. I primarily used this monitor for web browsing, coding, and entertainment, and I didn’t have to compromise on picture quality at any point. The colour balancing is good, resulting in sharp and vivid images.

Samsung M5 Smart Monitor Display

This monitor is primarily focused on entertainment, and when viewed from side angles, there is no noticeable colour fade or tint issues. It also supports HDR10, allowing you to enjoy HDR content on popular websites like YouTube and Netflix. The monitor has a brightness of 200 nits, which feels sufficiently bright in a room environment. It also has an adaptive picture mode that adjusts the screen’s brightness based on the ambient light in the room. If you prefer to adjust the brightness according to your preference, you can easily do so using the remote to adjust colour contrast and brightness settings.

Samsung M5 Smart Monitor Picture Quality

This monitor also supports DDC (Display Data Channel), which allows you to control brightness, volume, and contrast through third-party apps on your Windows PC. This is a great feature and deserves a thumbs-up.

In terms of port selection, the monitor offers 2 HDMI 2.1 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports. It also has an auto-connect feature for HDMI, so when you connect your laptop via HDMI, the monitor automatically starts displaying the laptop’s screen. Additionally, it supports HDMI-CEC, which enables you to control the monitor’s volume and basic settings using your TV remote. You don’t need to carry two remotes for volume control and channel changes.

Samsung M5 Monitor Ports

One of the major advantages of this monitor compared to others is that you can use it as a TV. It supports Tizen OS, which allows you to directly stream popular apps like Netflix, Zee5, Disney+, and Hotstar. It also has built-in support for Samsung Live TV Plus, which enables you to stream numerous free live TV channels. If you’re a student or primarily work online, the monitor’s built-in browser allows easy access to any website. By connecting a keyboard and mouse to the monitor, you can easily edit Word documents or attend meetings on Google Meet.

Samsung M5 Smart Monitor Apps

The monitor also features screen casting, allowing you to wirelessly connect your laptop or mobile screen to the monitor. You can easily perform tasks like document editing, web browsing, and attending meetings on the screen casting mode. However, if you perform heavy tasks like gaming or video editing on screencasting, you may experience some lag.

Samsung M5 Monitor Remote

For entertainment purposes, the monitor comes with built-in 5W speakers that provide decent sound output. At 60-70 per cent volume in a medium-sized room, the audio feels sufficient. Additionally, it supports Bluetooth 4.2, allowing you to connect a soundbar or headphones directly to the monitor.

Samsung M5 Monitor Bluetooth Connectivity

If you prefer casual gaming, you’ll appreciate the option to change the aspect ratio on this monitor, which allows you to view wide-area content. This mode can also be useful for watching wide-view sports content.

Samsung m5 monitor gaming mode

While this monitor offers all the essential features, I would have preferred a normal 6A plug instead of the 16A power plug it comes with. The 16A power plug is similar to those used for refrigerators or microwaves and doesn’t easily fit into Indian sockets. You’ll need to purchase a 16A to 6A converter separately.

Samsung M5 Smart Monitor Power Plug 16A

Now, the question is whether this monitor is worth it or not. In my opinion, it offers a range of features for both work and entertainment purposes. If you’re searching for a monitor for work and entertainment, this monitor provides a good option with its picture quality and useful built-in features.

By the way, did you know that you can convert any monitor into a smart monitor by using a Firestick or Mi Stick? The only additional cost would be around 2,500 rupees for the Firestick or Mi Stick. If you spend 15,000 rupees plus an additional 2,500 rupees, you’ll essentially be paying the same price as this Samsung M5 monitor. In that case, the smart features built into this monitor make it a really good deal.

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