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OnePlus Buds Pro 2R Review – The Ultimate Audio Experience!

This is the review of the OnePlus Buds Pro 2R. I have been using these buds for gaming, movies, and attending meetings. What I noticed is that these buds come with some special features that make them stand out from other TWS earbuds. If you are planning to buy these buds, let’s find out if they are the perfect option for you or not.

Oneplus buds pro 2r

When it comes to build quality and design, these buds are made of good quality plastic material, giving them a nice look and feel in hand. The matte finish on the case prevents fingerprints from being visible. The comfort level of the earbuds is excellent, and even after long hours of wearing, there is no discomfort or pain. Additionally, they provide additional small and large size ear tips for a perfect fit.

One feature I like is the dual-device pairing support, which allows you to pair the buds with two devices simultaneously. I use these buds with my laptop and smartphone, and when a call comes on my phone while using the buds with my laptop, they automatically switch and connect to the phone. The instant switch feature of the buds is quite useful for multitasking.

Oneplus buds pro 2r Dual Device Support

The buds have touch-control features for controlling music. With a single touch, you can answer calls, double or triple touch to reject calls or change songs. Unlike other budget segment buds, the touch gestures on these buds work accurately every time, which is commendable.

Now, talking about the audio experience, it is really good. These buds come with an 11mm woofer and a 6mm tweeter driver, which provide clear sound for mids, lows, and highs. The bass in these earbuds is slightly boosted, making them a great option for hip-hop, EDM, and rap genres. If you don’t prefer heavy bass, you can easily fine-tune it according to your preference. Overall, the audio clarity of these earbuds is excellent, and I enjoyed watching the Batman Dark Knight movie with them, especially the intense scenes with Hans Zimmer’s background music.

Oneplus buds pro 2r Earbuds

To enhance the audio experience, these buds also have ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) support, which suppresses background noise like fans, ACs, washing machines, and air purifiers up to 48 dB. If you want to use them while travelling, the transparency mode option enhances background noise, eliminating the need to remove the buds while talking to someone in a public place.

Oneplus buds pro 2r TWS

For attending meetings and calls, these buds have dedicated mics that detect sound accurately. I didn’t face any issues while using these buds for calling and meetings.

In terms of connectivity, these buds support Bluetooth 5.3, allowing easy usage within a 10-meter radius. I haven’t noticed any audio drop or bud disconnect issues so far.

If you enjoy gaming on your phone, these buds come with a dedicated gaming mode, ensuring perfect audio sync without any latency delay or audio drop issues. For high-quality music playback, these buds also support Hi-Res Audio, which is compatible with apps like Apple Music and Amazon Music.

OnePlus Buds Pro 2R Review - The Ultimate Audio Experience!

In terms of software experience, these buds support the HeyMelody app, which allows customization according to your preference. The best part is, if you are using a OnePlus phone, you don’t need the HeyMelody app as all the customization features are built-in in the phone.

Heymelody App for Oneplus buds pro 2r

When it comes to battery backup, a single charge of these buds with Active Noise Cancellation lasts for around 5 hours, and if you are using them only for calls or meetings, you can expect around 3 to 3.5 hours of battery backup.

Oneplus buds pro 2r Charging

With the charging case, you can use these buds for around 35 hours in total. The charging case has a 520mAh battery and supports USB Type-C charging. Additionally, the buds have quick charge support, allowing 10 minutes of charging to provide 3 hours of usage without ANC mode.

Oneplus buds pro 2r Type C Charging

Now, the question is, are these buds a good option for you? Apart from the features, I really liked the audio quality of these buds, making them a great option in the 10k budget segment. Moreover, there are plenty of customization features available to fine-tune your audio experience.

Along with the OnePlus Buds Pro 2R, there is also the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 model, which costs around 12,000. By spending an extra 2,000, you get wireless charging, spatial audio, and head-tracking features. However, note that spatial audio and head tracking features only work with OnePlus 11 and 11R phones. So, if you are using a different brand of Android smartphone, you won’t be able to use these features. If wireless charging matters to you, then you should consider the Buds Pro 2. Otherwise, the Buds Pro 2R is a good option at the moment.

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