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Portronics Hydra 10 Keyboard Review

Today, I’m excited to share my experience with the Portronics wireless mechanical keyboard that I recently purchased for around 1900 INR. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been using this keyboard extensively for both office work and personal use, and I’ve observed a mix of impressive features and some minor drawbacks. Let’s dive into the details to help you decide if this keyboard is the right fit for you.

Unboxing Experience:

Out of the box, the Portronics keyboard comes with the keyboard itself, a Type A to Type C cable, a user manual, and a warranty card.

Portronics Hydra 10 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Design and Layout:

While the keyboard is an all-plastic build, but the quality plastic material used is of high quality which offers a solid and premium feel, the plastic body doesn’t feel cheap at all.

Portronics Hydra 10 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Design

Featuring a compact 68-key design layout, this keyboard weighs around 586 grams, making it easy to carry. While the keyboard’s height is sufficient for extended typing sessions without causing strain on the hand, the absence of a dedicated number pad might be a drawback for some users.

Portronics Hydra 10 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

The heart of any keyboard lies in its typing experience. This is especially true for individuals who engage in fast typing, coding, or blogging. Equipped with red switch keys, the Portronics keyboard boasts an impressive response time.

Portronics Hydra 10 Red Swtich Keyboard

The tactile feedback in a silent room is noteworthy, providing users with a satisfying typing experience. The compact design doesn’t compromise on key spacing, preventing accidental key presses common in other compact keyboards.

Portronics Hydra 10 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Typing Experince

While the overall functionality of the Portronics keyboard is commendable, there are a few nuances in the layout that users might need to adapt to. One notable change is the substitution of the home button for the delete button. This shift can initially cause a slight adjustment period, impacting users accustomed to the traditional layout. Additionally, the placement of the FN key on the right side, as opposed to the more common left-side position, might be considered inconvenient by some users.

Portronics Hydra 10 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Layout

The Portronics wireless mechanical keyboard doesn’t disappoint in this regard, offering users a choice of 20 different backlight modes. The flexibility to adjust brightness levels across five settings caters to individual preferences. Personally, the single lighting and complete RGB modes stood out, providing not only aesthetic appeal but also practical visibility, even in well-lit environments.

Portronics Hydra 10 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard RGB Lighting

The Portronics keyboard establishes itself as fully compatible with both Windows and Android operating systems. What sets it apart is its support for multi-device connectivity, allowing seamless switching between devices.

Portronics Hydra 10 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Device Switch

This feature proves particularly handy for users who juggle between their office and personal laptops. During testing, the keyboard exhibited flawless performance with both Windows and Android devices, demonstrating its reliability.

Portronics Hydra 10 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Compatiblity

The battery life of a wireless keyboard is a critical factor, influencing its practicality for everyday use. With a 300mAh battery, the Portronics keyboard manages to deliver a commendable performance. In wireless mode, with intense backlit usage, the keyboard lasts for approximately 2 days, while turning off the backlight extends this to 3-4 days for normal usage.

A notable feature is the low battery indicator, providing users with a visual cue when the battery drops to around 10%. In any urgent need, you can switch the keyboard from wireless mode to wired just by connecting the USB cable to your PC. The ability to switch to wired mode during low battery situations ensures uninterrupted usage, and offers great flexibility.

Portronics Hydra 10 Wireless Mechanical Rechargeable Keyboard

In conclusion, the Portronics wireless mechanical keyboard is a compelling option in the budget segment. Offering RGB lighting, mechanical switches, and wireless connectivity, it caters to users seeking an affordable yet feature-rich solution. While some layout adjustments might be necessary, the overall user experience and the abundance of features make this keyboard a noteworthy contender.

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