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Jio Vs Airtel Air Fiber : Which is better ?

In recent times, you might have come across the term “Air Fiber” in the realm of home internet solutions. Jio and Airtel have unveiled their Air Fiber offerings, promising an innovative way to access high-speed Wi-Fi at home without wires. If you’re wondering what exactly Air Fiber is and how it can revolutionize your home internet experience, read on.

What is Air Fiber?

Air Fiber is essentially a wireless technology that delivers the same internet speed you’d expect from a traditional wired broadband connection but without the need for physical cables and the associated hassles. In the past, setting up a Wi-Fi connection at home involved calling a technician who would string wires from nearby utility poles to your modem. This process could be time-consuming and inconvenient.

Jio air fiber

To simplify this process, both Jio and Airtel have introduced new routers that operate wirelessly. These routers are designed to connect to the internet using 5G networks, offering a consistent and robust Wi-Fi experience. The primary goal of this technology is to make home Wi-Fi more convenient, eliminating the need for technicians to visit your home and set up cables.

Ease of Setup

Jio and Airtel’s Air Fiber routers are user-friendly, and you can set them up without any technical expertise. The routers are designed to work seamlessly with 5G networks, ensuring that you can enjoy reliable internet speeds without the hassle of wires.

While Jio Air Fiber currently involves a technician’s visit to install a rooftop router for uninterrupted connectivity, the setup is reminiscent of satellite dish connections. Here’s how it works: a rooftop router captures the signal, and then a secondary router inside your home utilizes this signal. The essence of Jio Air Fiber lies in creating an independent Wi-Fi connection, eliminating the need for cumbersome wires. In the past, we relied on nearby utility poles for Jio connectivity, but with the new Air Fiber setup, you can establish a hassle-free Wi-Fi connection without the requirement of wires from nearby poles

Affordable Plans

One of the most appealing aspects of Air Fiber technology is that the monthly plans are competitively priced, often on par with traditional broadband plans. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a wireless connection without having to pay extra for the convenience it offers.


It’s important to note that Air Fiber routers currently operate exclusively on 5G networks. Consequently, you’ll need to position the router where you can access the strongest 5G signal for optimal performance. Initially, this technology was primarily available in Tier 1 cities such as Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. However, as 5G coverage expands, it is expected that Air Fiber will become accessible in more locations.

Flexibility in Plan Duration

Jio Air Fiber stands out by offering flexibility in plan durations. Customers can choose from plans spanning 3 months, 6 months, or even 12 months. In contrast, Airtel’s Fiber plans provide fewer options, with the minimum plan duration being 6 months. This flexibility enables Jio users to tailor their internet plans to better suit their needs and budget.

Airtel air fiber plans
Airtel Fiber Plan Pricing
jio air fiber plans
Jio Fiber Plan Pricing

Free Set-Top Box

Another compelling reason to opt for Jio Air Fiber is the inclusion of a free set-top box. This versatile device not only grants access to live TV channels but also allows users to stream OTT content. While this feature might be available on selected Jio plans, the fact that the option exists adds significant value to the service.

3. Wider Availability

Jio Air Fiber’s reach extends far beyond Airtel’s Fiber service. Currently, Airtel Air Fiber is limited to Delhi and Mumbai, whereas Jio Air Fiber is available in a multitude of tier 1 cities, including Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. This broader availability ensures that more customers can benefit from Jio’s offering, enhancing its overall value proposition.

Jio Vs Airtel Air Fiber : Which is better ?
Jio Air Fiber Plans Available In Above Locations

Looking Forward

The future of home internet appears to be wireless, and Air Fiber technology is leading the way in simplifying the way we connect to the internet at home. With its ease of setup, competitive pricing, and the promise of widespread availability as 5G networks expand, Air Fiber represents a promising evolution in home internet solutions. Keep an eye out for the continued rollout of this technology, which can potentially transform how we experience Wi-Fi connectivity.

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