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Best 8 Free Apple TV Apps

Cable TV started losing customers when Apple TV was launched in 2007. Apple TV is a digital media player and streaming service hardware, while Apple TV apps were designed to avail a great range of entertainment and productivity via Apple TV. You can watch movies, play games, listen to music, e-shop, and control smart devices with these applications.

Here are some of the most useful and free Apple TV apps below.


Owned by Paramount Global, Pluto TV is a free ad-supported Television streaming(FAST) service. You can watch your favourite television shows, movies, and internet videos via Pluto, which is generally available through Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung and LG smart TVs, Roku, Xbox One, Chromecast, Android, PS4, and PS5.

Top 10 Free Apps for Apple TV
Image Courtesy: Apple TV App Store

From old classics like Godfather, and Psycho to newer sci-fi films, Pluto got it all covered. Conventional-style TV channels are also included here, like MTV, BET, and other UK channels. No sign-in is required, you can just start watching content at a go!


Video-sharing service across multiple devices is best offered by Plex. A platform-friendly application that is available on the App Store is best suited for 4th-generation Apple TV sets.

Plex App for Apple TV
Image Courtesy: Apple TV App Store

All on-demand shows, movies, and songs can be fetched into 1 single Plex media server. After that, you can enjoy your favourites in all possible targeted streaming devices like tablets, phones, laptops, and TVs from one single application. Segregating and adding artwork are all managed by Plex itself!

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Twitch is a truly famous streaming platform, where people can literally broadcast a multitude of content to their audience. Be it streaming live video games, songs, vlogs, or news – Twitch provides it all. The pandemic popularized this idea of streaming online, wherein broadcasters had the option to earn through their hard work by multiplying viewership.

Free Apple TV Apps
Image Courtesy: Apple TV App Store

You can download Twitch from the App Store to use it on Apple TV, and join the huge community of streamers. Several channels are accessible for viewers to enjoy their favourite niches.


With a user base count of millions and billions, Spotify is one of the most sought-after music-streaming apps in the market. Users can listen to millions of songs in their regional and foreign languages with just a single click at zero cost! Curate your own playlists with your favourite artists and their albums in just no time, and access them through tablets, phones, and laptops.

Best Free apple tv apps
Image Courtesy: Apple TV App Store

A premium subscription to Spotify allows you to download music of your choice and listen to it when you’re offline. Spotify is available on the Apple App Store for use on Apple TVs and iPhones. 


What if we say that you need no more converting and transcoding video files before playback? Infuse brings you that superpower to play any video format – be it MP4, MKV, ISO, DVD, AVI, etc. Watch videos from MAC, PC, and media/cloud services and keep them visible in 1 central library.

Best Free Apps for Apple TV
Image Courtesy: Apple TV App Store

You can even download metadata and genres to group content into relevant categories. Syncing is a major utility of Infuse as with the help of iCloud, you can sync your data in every device connected.

Apple Arcade

Good news for all gamers out there, as Apple Archade may be just the application you will need! With over 200+ games, this app provides you with top games like Assembly with Care, Cat Quest II, Goat Simulator+, etc. on iPhones, Macs, Apple TVs, and iPads. There are no ads or in-game purchases in Apple Arcade.

Top 10 Free Apps for Apple TV
Image Courtesy: Apple TV App Store

There are both monthly and annual payment options. Apple also provides a 3-month free Arcade account for Apple product purchasers. You can also avail Apple One subscription to get Apple Arcade along with other services.

Steam Link

Don’t you wish to rock your FPS gaming sessions on a big screen? Well, cabling may seem to be an issue, but Steam Link makes the task simpler! Steam Link transcripts the live video stream to run on the computer itself, while the output audio-video display is just cast on the Apple TV.

Best Apple TV Apps
Image Courtesy: Apple TV App Store

You need to ensure the controller requirement before trying out Steam Link, as iOS supports a handful of them. The Apple TV and the computer console should be on the same network. Download the Steam Link app from the Store and tune your PC with TV by some guided steps.

Web Video Cast

Web Video Cast is a universal video streaming application that can cast content on a multitude of options like Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, etc. The feature that makes it stand out from the other platforms is that Web Video Cast is cross-functional, as it can render videos that other browsers can’t recognize.

The operating system is also not a metric to be concerned about while using this app. The website’s URL is passed to the streaming device which decodes and reproduces the result. A wide range of subtitle controls are incorporated into the device.


With the advancements of Apple in its original content-streaming sector and the advent of Apple TV+, these applications are of tremendous help. From watching quality movies, and enjoying music to keeping yourself updated in terms of all-round updates and news – the Apple TV apps cater to user needs and ensure maximum customer satisfaction!

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