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Difference Between Smart TV and Android TV

Now buying a TV is not as simple as Smart TV or Android TV, both are popular and offer amazing specs. The question that arises is any key differences between smart tv and android tv. So let’s find out what’s the difference between android tv vs smart tv.

The major difference between Android TV and Smart TV is the different operating systems. The Android TV works on an Android operating system and Smart TV works on different Operating Systems. Smart TV OS varies depending upon the Smart tv brand. Lg smart TV, will work on WebOS, Samsung TV will work on Tizen OS, and for Panasonic, it works on myhomescren.

App Collection

Android TV has a huge library of apps available for android tv

The major issue with smart tv is it will miss out on a huge apps collection. Every smart tv comes with pre-installed apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and other popular streaming services, but it still lacks a lot of many popular streaming apps like Spotify, Hotstar, NFL, and Haystack.

There is no Cross-platform support of apps which means if you don’t have any app available on the smart tv, there is no option to use it on the Smart TV. Sideloading of apps that are not available on the Smart T.V. won’t work at all.

Difference Between Android and Smart TV

Let’s understand from a developer’s point of view, why they don’t prefer to develop apps for Smart TV. The major issue faced by developers is every smart tv works in a different way so if develop an app for Samsung Smart TV it will work only on that Samsung smart tv. Similarly, they need to develop the same app for every other smart tv.

Even if developers make the same app for every smart tv brand. Releasing the latest updates and supporting apps for a long time won’t be an easy task.

This is not the case with android TV, once the developer makes an app for android tv, it can work on any android tv. This helps apps universally work on any android tv available in the market. That’s the main reason developers make apps for android tv and support it for a long time.

As android TV works on an android operating system it makes it easy to load any android app on Android TV, this gives the ability to use the google play store app even if it’s not from an android tv play store it can be installed and used on android tv. This makes the android ecosystem much better compared to smart tv.

If you are an android smartphone user, then you know how quick and accurate the google assistant is. In the same manner, it will work on Android TV, this helps in searching for any content on android T.V quickly. Searching any content using a remote is such a pain that you have to use voice assistant most of the time only.

Compared to other smart tv voice assistants, I found google one is better. It can understand words with an exact match. In smart tv, I need to rephrase it many times to get correct results.

Android VS Smart tv which is better?

So, if you are planning to buy a TV, try to give preference to Android TV compared to any other Smart TV brand. If you are planning for smart tv then check for sufficient HDMI ports on it so later you can use Firestick or Android Smartbox to use android tv on any smart tv.

Thing’s To Consider Before Buying Android TV

If you plan to buy Android TV, don’t go with any android TV, as on Android, TV user experience matter’s a lot, and you don’t want a tv which lags all the time. So you need to select better TV specifications for android tv.

The screen is an important part of any tv internal specification on android t.v matters a lot. For the best experience try to get an android tv with 2 GB RAM and 8 ROM with Quad-Core Processor on it. This specification will help you to use any app available on Android T.V.

Already have Smart TV?

Now, if you already have a Smart T.V. and want to stream missing content on it, then you can visit any streaming services website as they do have a well-optimized website for TV where you can easily find your favourite content to stream. An alternative method is you can use the screencasting feature to screen mirror your smartphone apps on your tv. This way you can stream any content from your smartphone to your smart tv.

As on smart tv sideloading of apps won’t work, you have to use only preinstalled apps on it. If you want to use android apps on smart tv the only solution is to use Android Box or Firestick to use android apps on any smart tv.

Android TV VS Smart TV

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