Play Retro Games on Android TV

Remember there was a time when we used to play super Mario, contra Tekken and many other games which are really fun to play. Now you can enjoy the same experience on Android T.V. On Android TV you can play more than 2000 retro games on Android T.V at no cost. The best thing is many games won’t require a controller so you can directly play from the android tv remote. For the best experience, you can easily connect an android tv compatible gamepad. To access the huge library of retro games on Android TV, we need to do a basic setup before we start playing, so here are steps you can follow.

Setup Retro Games On Android TV

The time needed: 20 minutes.

We will use the Kodi Android T.V app to access all retro games so first, we will install Kodi as a primary app.

  1. Install Kodi On Android T.V

    Navigate to Android T.V Play store

  2. Search for Kodi On Play Store

    Select Kodi and press the install button.

  3. Download Internet Archive Launcher On Smartphone

    This Internet Archive Launcher is a Kodi addon that gives access to the huge retro game library and emulators. To download it you can click here.

  4. Now Send Downloaded File To T.V

    To transfer files on android T.V, we will use the Send Files To TV app which is freely available on Android T.V and Smartphone play store. With the app we can easily transfer any file on android tv in just a few touches this is one of the best app available to transfer files on Android T.V.

  5. Open Kodi On Android T.V

    After transferring the addon file, we will open Kodi and navigate to the game section and select Enter add-on browser.

  6. Installing Files From Zip File

    In Addon Menu we need to select Install From Zip File, for the first time when you try to install Files from zip we need to grant access for unknown sources.

  7. Allow Access To Unknown Source

    Navigate to settings and allow unknown source access.

  8. Install From Zip File

    Go back to Add-On Menu, select zip Install From Zip File option.

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  9. Select External Storage

    In external storage navigate to the download folder

  10. Select plugin

    Install Kodi Plugin

  11. Add-on Installed Successfully

    Now addon is installed successfully, we need to go back to the Kodi home menu.

  12. Navigate To Game Section On Kodi Menu

    On Kodi Home Menu navigate to the game section, here you will find Internet Game Archive Launcher.

  13. Explore More Than 1000’s games.

    Now you can explore more than 1000’s of retro games on Android T.V.

  14. Download Game

    Before playing the games we can download games or directly stream games from servers by selecting the launch game.

  15. Select Emulator

    There are many games which can run on the different emulator, the best is to use the first emulator to run game. Sometimes the first emulator won’t work properly if you face an issue you try an alternative emulator.

  16. Change Screen Ratio

    Retro Games will work on a 4:3 ratio, so to play retro games on full screen. Pause game Navigate to setting and select stretch mode.

  17. Enjoy Retro Games

    Now you can play 1000’s of retro games directly on Android T.V

In this way, you can play retro games on the Android TV box and any android T.V which is compatible with google play store.

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