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Top 5 Android TV Remote Apps

Android TV users in India are well aware of how practical having an Android TV. In your living room, the Android TV platform delivers a world of entertainment and features. However, a dependable and feature-rich remote app is a requirement to truly appreciate your Android TV experience. Being able to easily access your favourite content while also controlling your TV and navigating menus is the best utility Android TV remote apps offer.

Technology has made it simple to streamline your entertainment, thanks to the abundance of Android TV remote apps available on the market. Even without the original remote, you can easily operate your TV by using these applications on your phone. Let’s look at some of the best Android TV remote apps available in India, which may be used for a variety of purposes, from simple remote functionality to those with extra capabilities. Choose one from the list below to improve your TV-watching experience.

1. Mi Remote

Mi Remote is one of the most widely used Android TV remote apps, as it stands tall among competitors. A wide variety of TVs, including Mi TVs, Samsung TVs, LG TVs, and others, are compatible with it. The app has a ton of functionality such as volume control, channel switching, and app launching, all of which are presented in a clear and user-friendly design. Moreover, mobile devices can access and use the TV scheduling feature of Mi Remote thanks to its compatibility with that feature. This is the best free android tv remote app available for Android smartphones.

Download: Mi TV Remote App for Android TV

Mi TV Remote app for android

2. Universal TV Remote Control

The Universal TV Remote Control by Codematics is yet another top pick for those looking for an Android TV remote app. It supports more than 1,000 different TVs from well-known brands, so you may choose a version that is compatible with your TV. The best part is that no complicated setup is required. Select the brand of your TV, then launch the app, and use it right away. It’s just that easy.

Channel switching, volume adjustment, and app launching are just a few of the many features it provides, all of which are encased in an easy-to-use user interface. You can also watch videos, look at pictures, and listen to music on your TV thanks to the Smart Sharing / Casting feature.
Download: Universal TV Remote Control

Android TV Remote Apps for android smartphone

3. Lean Remote

Lean Remote is among those remote apps that offer wider control. Its compatibility with a broad range of devices including TVs, streaming boxes & media players help it make it to our list of Android TV remote apps. The app is renowned as one of the most popular and trustworthy universal remote apps on Android due to the flexibility it offers. Not to forget, it is compatible with IR and Wi-Fi devices. Lean Remote has a free trial so you may test it out before you buy it even if it is not free.

Download: Lean Remote

android tv remote app for android tv

4. Unimote (Universal TV Remote Control)

Unimote by SensusTech is an amazing application that will ease the way you control your Android TV. The app Works with most international TV brands like LG, Samsung, Sony, Roku, Fire TV etc. The interface of this application is simple and logical. You just need to install the app on your Android device and you can do everything you want with your TV. It can also be used for IR TVs. It supports movie streaming & playback. You can access additional features like Screen Mirroring, Smart Sharing and Screencast.

Download: Universal TV Remote Control

remote tv app for android tv

5. Cetus Play Remort Control

Cetus Smart TV Remote Control App is compatible with numerous TV models. The revolutionary air mouse technology, which transforms your smartphone into an intuitive and interactive pointer for effortless navigation, is one of its notable features. Furthermore, the program supports many languages, allowing it to appeal to customers from various locations. CetusPlay is a good choice for people looking for a personalized remote control experience due to its easy interface and adjustable layout possibilities. CetusPlay’s wide range of features ensures that you can easily take control of your entertainment, whether you’re looking for a show, playing media, or modifying settings. 

Cetus Play remote tv App for android tv

The comfort offered by a reliable and feature-rich Android TV remote app cannot be underestimated given the rising popularity of Smart TVs. These are only a selected number of the best Android TV remote apps. Since each app on our list offers distinctive features that appeal to diverse user preferences, ranging from gaming capabilities to smart home integration, there are many other excellent options accessible. Therefore, do pick the one that’s best for you. With the right app, you never again need to stress about misplacing the remote.

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