Top 10 Useful Websites

Near 1 Billion websites are available over the internet and finding the right useful website for perfect usage is really difficult. Here we are trying to cover all the useful websites to help college-going students to professionals on a daily basis.

If you buy products online then you might have notice products price vary a lot. Sometimes we see the product at a much cheaper price but suddenly prices got an increase. Because of uncertain product prices, we are not able to justify the correct price of any product, even sometimes we need to wait for product prices to go down or wait for amazon sales to grab a good deal on products. Now to check the price history of any product you can visit to get the idea of the previous price of the product. On the price history, you need to paste the URL of the product and then you can analyze the price of the products in terms of graphs. You can even signup to get the notifications of price drops of products.


Sometimes we trust online reviews to buy products online, but some sellers fake out product reviews to improve product ratings. We won’t get an idea of which review is correct and which is not. This cause confusion to us which review we can trust online, to get the idea of fake reviews you can visit to analyze product review. Fakespot also provides a chrome extension which helps users directly spot fake reviews on Amazon and other popular eCommerce stores. To identity products, the fake spot provides lower grades more fake reviews it contains.

Getting in touch with customer care of any brands is difficult these days, mostly we are directed to chat support. Now to get the customer care number of any brands it is much easier, you just need to visit humans can provide the fastest way to communicate to any customer service representative. It will also suggest the best way to reach out to customer care for example it will suggest which keys you need to press to skip the main menu and reach out to customer care. If you are unable to get in touch with the customer care website also suggest live chat support and helpline email address.

If you are a content writer or college student then you can take instantly notes with This is an amazing speech to text converter which recognize speech and convert into perfect text. This not only helps in writing long paragraphs but it also provides the text with great accuracy so you don’t need to repeat words to make it right. You just need to visit the website and select the appropriate language in which you want to dictate. As website supports almost all the native languages along with the standard languages. You can speak in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, and many more languages.

Do you know finding any Ebook is way too easy, now we have a search engine entirely dedicated to Ebooks. For searching any Ebook you can visit to check all the latest ebooks you can easily download any ebook in PDF format. Here you can find ebooks from all genres from technology to lifestyle all categories ebooks are available to download.

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Sometimes we get a lot of junk and spam emails, the reason our email address is registered on many websites. In that case, you can use where you can get a temporary email address. These websites give you temporary access to email addresses that you can use on any website to receive emails on a temporary email box. To avoid junk mails from any websites you can provide emails from this website.

If you are looking for quick photo or video creation templates then you can visit Canva is one of the best tools for editing photos online, here you will find a large collection of photo and video templates which you can easily edit online.

Photopea is one of the most professional photo editing tools which is available free of cost. If you looking for the best photo editing tool then you might get Adobe Photoshop as a result but if you want the best online photo editing tool then you can visit Photopea provides all the professional level photo editing features for free of cost. This tool is basically an alternative to Photoshop where you get all the essential features of Photoshop for free. This website supports almost all the photos file formats along with RAW, PSD, and XDA.

Mozzila Data Breaches

Mozilla has introduced a new tool where we can check for data breaches. Data breaches are very common we get a lot of news related to data leaks. To protect our online identity the best way is to check for the data breach from time to time. This can be done by using the Mozzila data breach tool where you get all the data breach information related to your email address it. You just need to enter your email address to find all the linked accounts where data is compromised.

Free Online Resume

Now you design your resume and download it for free, resume is one of the best services to create an instant resume. This website also allows you to download and save a resume online so later you can quickly edit at any time.

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