How To Change Screensaver On Android TV

If you are using android TV, it will show you beautiful wallpaper from the suggested gallery. The Android TV lock screen wallpapers look incredible and handpicked by google. Default wallpapers on the Android TV lock screen look amazing but it lacks the basic features of lock screen customization. We can’t handpick any wallpaper on android tv, by default customization options are not available. I tried a couple of android tv apps but most of the apps are paid or offer some level of customization. After a lot of research I landed upon the photo gallery app on android tv, this app offers tons of customization from setting up your preferred photos as a lock screen to getting photos directly from your google drive we can do a lot. So, here is a complete guide to setup this app on any android tv with this android tv app you can easily customize lock screen wallpapers completely free of cost.

Set Own Wallpaper On Android TV Lockscreen

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How To Change Lock Screen Wallpaper On Android T.V

  1. Open Google Play Store App On Android T.V

    On Android T.V Play store Search for Photo Gallery and Screensaver App.
    Link:- Photo Gallery

  2. Install Photo Gallery and Screensaver App

    After installing Photo Gallery App navigate to Android T.V Settings and select screen Saver.

  3. In settings navigate to screensaver and select Photo gallery

  4. Select Photo Gallery in Screensaver

  5. Now Open Photo Gallery and Screen Saver App

    Go back to the home menu and select the photo gallery and screen saver app.

  6. Navigate To Setting On Photo Gallery App

  7. Select Photo source in Setting Menu

  8. Select google photos to set favorite photos as your lock screen.

  9. Sign in into your google account

    If you are using the same account on your smartphone and android T.V then you can select the same account to sign in on google photos on your Android T.V.

  10. Select Google Photo album as lock screen

    If you don’t want to show all of your phone photos on your lock screen. Then you can customize it to show photos from the selected album.

  11. Wait for lock screen to show up

    Once you selected google photo album you need to wait for some time to start the screen saver. Here you notice all your google photos will start presenting on your Android T.V lock screen.

  12. Now you can see your customized lock screen wallpapers on Android T.V

    You can even further customize the lock screen to show wallpapers from different sources. The best I found is using aerial videos of popular countries.

To get the new refreshing wallpaper, you can also try the Google Home app for Android and iOS smartphones, with this app you can easily pick recommended wallpaper from the google suggested directory to set as a lockscreen on android tv.

To set up the Google Home app, first, you need to be on the same WiFi network as your Android TV.

For the first time, you need to pair up the google home app with android tv.

Once it’s set up you need to pair your android tv with your smartphone.

Now navigate to setting it will be on Top Right Side.

Here you will find the ambient mode, you can pick your own wallpaper or select the google preferred wallpaper as lockscreen wallpaper on android tv.

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